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  1. Does anyone have more specific information on the lifetime gift tax exemption limits? I know you can give up to $13,000 per year to any individual without them having to pay taxes on it. And it does not have to be reported to the IRS so it does not go against your overall lifetime exemption. My confusion is the lifetime exemption itself. It used to be $1 million total that one could give away tax free during ones' lifetime. However, there is talk of this having been increased to $5 million. I have been unable to locate anything definitive regarding this. Any information others have discover
  2. I am very confused: If the IRS itself is saying that it is capital gains, then why is someone trying to argue against them? Mark, meaning no disrespect here, but you do sound like you are going out of your way to give the IRS an argument they do not now have. And it makes no sense. You, yourself, in one of your posts below, admits this is an asset. So if you sell an asset how can you possibly call the proceeds ordinary income and report it as 'interest income'? This looks like falsification of IRS documents to me You, yourself have admitted that there is absolutely NO direct IRS code wh
  3. I found the following post of extreme interest and wanted to throw it onto the Tax Issue Pile as we explore the truth of the situation. First of all, Yes, I will be talking to a tax attorney as soon as the Dinar RVs. Having said that: When I read here that we were to report this currency transaction on the IRS 1040 form as 'interest income', I realized that we/I could be charged with falsifying information on IRS forms, since this is clearly NOT 'interest income'. And I wondered if the IRS Agent saying this was just trying to create problems for a whole lot of us so they would have excuse to
  4. I've divided this into two parts, the theory and the question. I have done this in response to the many comments about Dinar investing falling under section 988 rules for filing. THE THEORY Currency traders involved in the forex spot (cash) market can choose to be taxed under the same tax rules as regular commodities [iRC (Internal Revenue Code) Section 1256 contracts] or under the special rules of IRC Section 988 (Treatment of Certain Foreign Currency Transactions). IRC 988 applies to cash forex unless the trader elects to opt out. The Advantage of Section 1256 for Currency Traders Un
  5. Okie is over 70. Who is he? Well, he knows Cheney personally. This is not his claim to fame, but it does suggest he may have sources in high places. He is a most intriguing individual with an anormous heart and a lot of humility.
  6. Actually there is nothing constitutional about Welfare either!
  7. Someone who would speak in such a mean way about somebody's looks is not a nice person.
  8. Oakie is hardly schizophrenic. He rarely displays anything but very positive vibes. Schizophrenics have multiple personalities.
  9. Don't worry, Nonlinear, (your name says it all ), there are a bunch of old grouchies hanging around this place. They are so jaded in their perspectives that their only joy in life seems to be waiting around in a hole under the rock to jump out and bite the ankles of anybody who posts anything positive. We have to forgive them, though. They are just tired and sore from getting their hopes up and then having them dashed. A little research would let them know that this thing has 'almost gone' several times in the past many years so there were good reasons for their hopes to be 'up' and no
  10. Are you serious? Facebook is a delivery system. Credibility is only gained when the individual reading it does his own research and discovers the truth of it (or lack thereof) for himself. (You have to actually use discernment.) What you are telling us is that you are more concerned with what other people think than you are with doing the work of finding out the truth about what is really going on in your country? Wow....just wow. gridkeeper
  11. This has been going on for at least 30 years that I know of so it isn't just about getting the word out. Many have heard it and realized it was true; most found it too horrible to even consider and simply went about ignoring it...while the Problem grew behind their ignorance. You can't blame them. This is too horrible to want to believe. Yet Lincoln himself warned us about it, as did Kennedy and others. Anyway, the fraudulent government quickly attached a tail to the GS called NESARA (an originally real phenom which was twisted into another fraud) and then berated it on one hand while
  12. Good job, EGK! And, thanks for the info! We have all been kept in the dark for too long. Of course, if the Global Settlements are in play then the Treasury can't block trading of the Iraqi currency, can it? And doesn't that mean that the officers of the U.S. Corp are about to be removed from D.C.? And an interim government put into play? For six months until elections can be held? Sure hope your Source is right about it happening today. gridkeeper
  13. Actually, last I heard, the GS was going ahead with or without Obama. I just don't happen to believe anything is standing in the way anymore. The RV is there. (fingers crossed) One small point: It isn't the RV that is causing all those banks to have to 'test' and 'practice'. RV's are nothing. You just add in the rate for the country and far as the bank is concerned. And most banks are just agents for a Foreign Exchange company, so they don't even have to do that. They just read it off the screen. No biggie. . No. All those machinations we have been seeing with 'pinging', etc.
  14. Right on, EGK! What you speak is very true! I'm always amazed how few know about what is really going on out there. "Dinarians" seem to think that they live in a vacuum. It is a most curious phenom. Anyway, glad to find another who is in sync. gridkeeper Actually, it is real news with real people on real 'front lines' doing the job. People of great courage. They are the ones making sure that when your Dinar does RV, you won't be paid in Fiat currency! But no, you won't be reading about it in your newspaper or watching it much on least not yet, but it won't be long. Even J
  15. I thought we weren't supposed to bash people around here? welllll...I was a Banker for 13 years (B of A) and we would have most certainly called our big customers to let them know. Indeed, Big Customers are treated quite differently than the rest of the world. But then that is the problem now, isn't it? As it happens I have a contact that is one of the signers of the Global Settlements. He happened to mention how very close to the nut Oakie was on many of his predictions. Many times this was scheduled to go and then something/one got in the way and stopped it. He also said that the RV wo
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