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  1. This is also my prayer for healing for your family members ans peace for you and others who wait.
  2. I just saw an article on this. Agave is almost totally pure fructose. The liver does not process fructose like other forms of sugar. It creates "lipogenesis" - a process that turns it into fat - also possibly increasing the bad cholesterol levels in ones blood. Aspertame also has a similar effect, except that it can actually penetrate the blood-brain barrier and create havoc there. It is rough trying to find non-processed, safe real foods these days. Good luckl.
  3. According to Snopes, it is legit...if you Google it there are several mentions of it.
  4. I received this information from the Warka Bank's Mr. Issa: Hope this details requirements for both personal an corporate accounts. Thank you for choosing our bank and taking interest in our fine services. To open a personal USD and IQD savings account we require a colored copy of your id containing your clear picture, signature, address, contact details and personal information sending it by e-mail to our customer accounts department Once your account has been established our customer accounts department will send by email your USD and IQD account number including the wire transfer instructions to proceed with funding it. The minimum balance which needs to be maintained in a savings account is: USD savings account minimum balance: $150 IQD savings account minimum balance: IQD 300000 To open a business or corporate account we need the following documents: 1- Establishing contract and license 2- Certificate of Incorporation. 3- Letter of Good Standing 4- List of Directors and authorized signatures The corporate documents must be certified by the Iraqi Embassy in your country or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraq bearing the related seal. If you are company is operating in Iraq we need a certificated copy of the Company License verified and issued by the Iraqi Company Registration Office – Ministry of Trade. The minimum balance which needs to be maintained in a corporate account is: USD: $1000 IQD: 10000000 Once the account is opened and you have received your account details you can than wire transfer your funds to our bank through our corresponding bank. Wire transferring USD is the best, safest and most efficient way to fund your account as it is reliable and feasible where it is the only available method to fund your accounts at our bank. Below are Warka Bank for Investment and Finance account details at Citibank in which you direct your USD bank wire transfer to fund your account at our bank noting that it is important to also include your Warka USD savings account number and full name when sending your funds to our bank. Warka Account Number at Citibank: 36908969 Account Name: Warka Bank for Investment & Finance Corresponding Bank Name: Citibank NA Branch: New York Swift Code: CITIUS33 Fed Wire: 021000089 With all the above information our bank will successfully receive your wire transfer within a week and it is very important to notify our customer accounts department when a transfer is executed to provide a confirmation once your funds have been received and credited to your account Please note that it in accordance with the regulations set by the CBI Iraqi banks are not permitted to hold IQD accounts at their corresponding bank and are prohibited from receiving deposits or wire transfers in IQD currency where the only legal method of funding your account is through a USD bank to bank wire transfer. Furthermore and as posted on our website Iraqi Customs no longer permit courier companies operating in Iraq to receive and deliver packages containing funds of any currency and will be confiscated accordingly. To wire transfer funds out of your account back to your local state bank we will need a signed request that authorizes our bank to exchange your IQD to USD executing the wire. You need to indicate your full banking details: - Beneficiary name and address - Bank name and address - Swift Code (BIC) - Account number - Amount to be exchanged and transferred - Colored id copy for verification Your USD savings account will receive an interest rate of 3% per year and 7% per year for the IQD savings account the interest will be calculated on the lowest balance of the said month and credited automatically by the system twice a year at the end of June and December. Business, corporate and checking accounts are zero bearing accounts and receive no interest at all where these types of accounts must be funded on a periodic basis to avoid holding a dormant status and maintenance charges deducted. Below are a list of our fees and charges: Remittance fees 0.3% for each incoming wire transfer minimum charge being USD $5. Swift charges: USD $52 for sending an outgoing wire transfer from our bank. Open USD account: USD $2 which is a one time fee. Open IQD account: IQD 2000 which is a one time fee. USD account statement: USD $5 which will be charged whenever you request your USD statement. IQD account statement: IQD 5000 which will be charged whenever you request your IQD statement. Transfer between Dinar accounts IQD 1000 which will be charged whenever such a transfer is made. Transfer between Dollar accounts USD $2 which will be charged whenever such a transfer is made. The purchase of IQD will be according to the rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq on that particular day. We offer the following Certificate of Deposits: 1- 3 months CD: 8.5%. 2- 6 months CD: 9.5%. 3- 1 year CD: 10.5%. Please note that above rates and fees are not fixed and subject to change without any prior notification. Once your account has been funded it is possible to obtain your online login details. To receive your online client id and password once your account has been confirmed to be funded covering the opening balances USD $150 and IQD 300000 please send a signed request to our e-banking team that authorizes our bank to send your client id and password by email deducting the annual fee of IQD 15000 from your IQD account. Please indicate your account number in your signed letter. Once the fee has been deducted the login details will be issued by our e-banking department. To participate in the Iraqi Stock Exchange according to the firm regulations and requirement set by the ISX to purchase stocks under your name you must first have the following documents certified by the Iraqi Embassy or Iraqi Consulate in your country. 1- Valid Clear Colored Passport Copy and Valid Clear Colored ID Copy 2- Address and contact details. 3- Your three signatures for verification. The documents must bear the Iraqi Embassy seal and are to be sent to our mailing address where it will be submitted to the ISX for verification and approval. Once approved the ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange) will register your name and information in their electronic system issuing your investment trading number within a period of 2- 3 weeks where once issued our ISX department will confirm to proceed accordingly with purchasing stocks in your good. To buy stocks please send a signed buy order by email to our ISX department indicating the company and number shares that you are interested in purchasing authorizing our bank to deduct the purchase amount and commission fees and by visiting the official ISX website <> bulletin and reports - electronic bulletin you can view a list of the companies that are currently trading and updated market prices to base your stock order noting that the minimum buy order is 200000 shares per company per session and that the commission fee is 1% per buy order. The same fee and procedure is applied when selling shares. For any further information please take a moment to visit our website <> news bulletin to view the latest notice regarding the contact details of the related departments that will best handle your inquiries. We have several departments that will specifically handle each banking affair to your best interest by contacting them directly. Best regards, Mohammad K. Issa Deputy Managing Director Senior Executive Warka Bank for Investment and Finance This e-mail is confidential and the information contained in it is privileged. It should not be read, copied or used by anyone other than the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please contact the sender immediately by return email, and delete the e-mail and do not disclose its contents to any person.
  5. I just bought some from wells Fargo for $57.62 per million plus $7 shipping...must be a customer of WF
  6. If I were sitting at a table with you guys, I would laugh so much my sides would hurt for a week!!! You all are so funny and witty! Thanks for being here.
  7. I am sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy and prayers. I walked a mile in your shoes last April when my husband of 47 years went on home to Heaven. I still have a deep sense of loss - some say it will improve in time...hopefully for you also.
  8. The other question is....that picture --- is that a new 100 dinar note or an old one? Hmmmmmmm Oops - saw answer in another thread - sorry!!!
  9. So sorry for the loss of your friend. You, and their survivors are in my prayers today.
  10. This is what I found in another news article: TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) -- FBI agents raided a business in downtown near Fifth Third Field. The business isin the upper level of a building that borders Fifth Third Field above Frickers. Again, the place was upstairs from the restaurant, and not connected to the business. Around 12:30, we spotted FBI agents' vehicles. According to a source, they were inside the second-floor office of Commercial Energy Products. We're also told the raid may have been issued by the IRS. So far, we have nothing confirmed. As of 5:00pm Wednesday, we're still waiting to hear from the FBI. We'll bring you details as they become available. (Copyright ©2011 WTVG-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) EDIT: This saga is continued at the following thread: BH Group Indicted for Money laundering, wire fraud, etc
  11. Hey!! I used to be a pit crew member for Rufus Boswell's 39 Chevy "Lil' Bit" and hang around Budds Creek, Aquasco, Capitol and 75-80 with the likes of Bob Bernardin, Harry Peapers, Morey Bros, Gene Calhoun and others...and Carlton Phillips "Jelly Bean"..Those were good times. I may be able to replace my 55 Chevy Belair after RV---GREAT.
  12. I tried the link and got this message "This site has been flagged for removal"
  13. Forgot to add : look at the description - are they insinuating that these could revalue? Sorry! Here is the link again
  14. Another Ebay auction (this one just closed with no bids) Is this not old currency that is no longer usable?
  15. I am not sure, but I believe the next to the last paragraph may have some meaning for transactions in the trillions? I don't understand some of their statements, could anyone translate for me? It states: "Emphasizes economists that this project will facilitate cash transactions; because the handling of cash in Iraq is complex; due to the variation in currency exchange between the Iraqi dinar and the U.S. dollar, which could reach the cash transactions to the trillions the require complex calculations to see the results of those transactions in the profit and loss, and others." Am I reading it wrong?
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