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  1. With all due respect to previous comments, this "QUOTE" from Fox news as of this morning, 6/13/14 (Friday the 13th), certainly spells chaos, confusion and upheaval at levels that certainly can't be to an investors benefit. Not to paint a 'black picture', BUT, in my opinion - and my opinion only - the current state of affairs certainly doesn't bode well for us as investors. "Suddenly, Iraq is exploding again on our television screens. Sunni militants have seized Mosul and Tikrit, two of the country’s most important cities, and are beginning to drive toward Baghdad. The Kurds have taken ove
  2. RPMAC...the following kind of disputes your statement regarding Al-Maliki's failure to secure arms support from the U.S. Be that as it may, Adam, IYO, how have these meetings improved our position in terms of an RV or have they gone to our detriment?? Your insight is always informed and appreciated...will await your response. THANKS ever-so-much!! Read more: WASHINGTON — Facing a deadly resurgence of AQ in Iraq, Obama signaled Friday that he would begin increasing US military support fo
  3. I'm with 'adlon'...keep it me out 'bout a little bit of speculation...RV this year or next year...whadaya think...truthfully,now...we can handle it...and THANKS for the info, tolerance, perspicacity and the opportunity to visit and belong to a group that puts it out straight...THANKS!
  4. WOW...from 'the best' to BULLSH*T...just looking at it, WAY too long...after 'skimming' and comparing my thoughts to others, I AGREE...PULLEASE don't post anything of this length, volume and obvious 'doubletalkedness'...well, 6 years many more to go before RV/RD or 'up in flames'??? Waiting and hoping...!!!
  5. Man...from BULLSH*T to "this is some of the best analysis of the dinar I have seen and some of the best news". What a dichotomy!! I haven't read it so I really can't make an honest assessment but then, it really doesn't look as if that's possible...if you listen to the voices...just sayin. Thanking everyone for their opinions, I remain comfortably on the sidelines waiting for my lead to turn to gold. Read more:
  6. Sorry folks...I'm betting 'NEXT YEAR'...a 25K (pre-RV, of course) note...ya see, I think it's gonna fact, I'd almost bet on it...wait, I have...but I don't hava clue when...just like everyone spite of what they 'claim'. All that said, I'd just as soon lose this bet...GO RV...
  7. Adam...I've got a considerable sum riding on more than I can afford to lose but considerable non-the-less. Out of all the 'things' that need to happen in order for an RV to take place, please prioritize #'s 1, 2 and your opinion, of course...and your 'BEST GUESS'...this year, next year, whenever. THANKS...GREAT JOB...GREAT SIGHT!!
  8. Adam, First and foremost, THANKS for having the fortitude and general ‘stick-to-itiveness’ to at least come forth every week and attempt to shed some light on the subject. Although of late, the light seems to grow dimmer…certainly through no fault of yours. To the point, in the light spectrum, there are an infinite number of colors; in the caveat spectrum that IS Dinar Investment, it seems there are an infinite number of CAVEATS to the resolution of this ‘problem’. In your opinion, AND WE UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S ONLY YOUR OPINION, really…tell us the truth…we can take it…in your opinion, are one
  9. Why all the prattle…who really knows…who really cares…it’s the ‘stock market’…some you win / some you lose / some get rained out…some aren’t even worth discussing…my ‘GUESS’ is it’ll happen when it happens…ALL THE REST IS JUST NOISE…AND…NOBODY REALLY KNOWS WHAT TIME IT IS…WELL DO THEY??
  10. Lops, bunny ears, 'zeros' before the decimal, 'zeros' after the decimal, 200 = 200,000, etc., etc., etc.,...blah, blah, blah...not to belittle or berate...can someone make some sense of this??? And really, what's taking so just seems like one stall after the other after the other...after three years - and I know some of you have been in 'it' for 8 (or better), I'm getting just a little impatient...and bored with all the 'fabricated crap' to deal with what no one really seems to have a handle on anyway...except maybe the Iraqis...MAYBE! ANYHOW, GO RV...I HOPE!!!
  11. ADAM...thanks for all the effort and information...I'm sure it's a STRETCH...September/October, we were 'as close as we'll ever get'...according to 'those who know or were supposed to know' and when you look at it, it really seems that way. Lately, we really don't see a lot of 'rate and date' anymore but a lot of extraneous 'stuff' about the region but nothing specific to the RV...all this ancilliary crap. In your opinion, REALLY, where are we in this investment...this month, this year, next year...and we will not hold it against you. At least, this would be an informed opinion. THANKS AGAIN!!
  13. I gotta admit, I'm not really familiar with the 'editting' factor that you folks go through 'before' some of this 'stuff' is posted but after reading this crap-filled, ass-slappin' session, I have a new-found admiration for those that perform this ESSENTIAL function. What a waste of time...reading this, that is...with all the extraneous clutter that's included. Auditors/editors, I applaud you!!
  14. This warrants one response and one response ONLY...Neggie...what's 'NEGGIE'....grow up...and while I DO NOT believe in grading on a curve, my comments, while somewhat acerbic, are frankly and relatively 'on par' with 'others'. AND, IMO, this entry...and yours as a self-appointed savior of the pumpers, are CRAP as well. In the future, stick to evaluating the content of the commentary with regard to the site and refrain from the commentarial efforts...sorely lacking and frankly, didn't 'work' AT ALL!!
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