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  1. lol pretty sure a manager would want her PB to know if a currency was going to revalue or anything about it.... but if that is what makes you fell better you can keep telling yourself that hehehe
  2. Yeah, I can not speak for any other bank because I do not know, but my banking center manager would tell me anything that she would hear about it and so far it has been nothing.
  3. So I have posted a few times in the past and I was reading the blogs daily, but I was tired of giving my hopes up with the all the "Guaranteed Rv on Monday from high up source" so I decided to take a break and just check this site every couple weeks. It has been extremely interesting because now that I have been checking it about twice a month since the beginning of June, it really is like a Soap Opera! Every time that I check it, I read the same thing... for almost 4 months now! I logged on again today and it has been the same "intel" that I have been reading every single time I log on, any h
  4. Ali used to have accnts at B of A but then he switched to Chase.
  5. Sure, I work at the BOA in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. The phone number is 636-695-0045 my name is Chris. I have no idea, I know that here i Missouri... no dealing of Dinar.
  6. Well he is wrong, we can't get on facebook but we can on dinar vets if you googles search it. What now Carrello? I actually have not, I will do that tomorrow?
  7. No, they will not accept Dinar as payment lol Well, it might be different there. But, in Missouri we have internet access.
  8. Bank of America does give interne access to employees. Just not tellers.
  9. Want to know how much intel the banks have? Read my posts "I am B of A Banker" in rumors section
  10. Read my posts in the rumor section "I am a B of A banker" The banks do not know, neither do banking center managers. I work at Bank of America and it is all word of mouth. I am not trying to bash you but they do not know. Why and how would they know? Anything that banking associates hear is passed down by word of mouth form their market execs. And trust me, the market execs are not going to know anymore than you and I. It is all word of mouth and no actual intel.
  11. Bank of America does not offer this product anymore, maybe they made an exception for you becuase it carried over from Nations? Thanks all, appreciate the welcomes.
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