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  1. Hi,Is there anyone that can translate to English and let us know what they are announcing?
  2. BAGHDAD, March 27 (Reuters) - Iraq's central government has approved payment of close to $560 million to oil producers in the autonomous Kurdish region, its finance minister said, after Kurdish authorities threatened to halt exports due to a lack of payments from Baghdad.Adam Is this an indication of maybe the HCL being Done?
  3. Hi Adam,I've been reading about Iraq having Tarifs set up and in place by June1st 2012.Is there any signifiance of them having them starting by this date?
  4. I disagree with you,I tend to think on Adams timeline of now till September.The Iraqi public will learn pretty quick once it RVs.Word of month is the best form of communication.If a merchant is brave enough to try and rip the general public off i don't think he would live long enough to enjoy it.Just my opinion
  5. Great Chat as always ADAM,thanks for posting KCW
  6. <<< ا12/11/2011 Source: Radio Sawa - 12/11/2011 United Nations: Iraq will top the list of the great forces of the oil The United Nations said in a report released today that Iraq will top the list of the great forces of the oil can influence the global markets, and that sufficient reserves of oil produced over ninety years to come. The report, prepared by the Information and Analysis Unit and the Joint United Nations agencies, UNDP and the Organization for the reality of the oil and gas in Iraq, that Iraq has oil reserves exceeding 143 billion barrels and potential reserves exceeding 200 billion barrels. The report added that two thirds of oil and gas reserves are found in southern Iraq, and one third in the north. The report pointed out that opportunities for growth and prosperity and job creation in the non-oil sectors, will remain limited waiting to make real efforts to diversify the economy and the transfer of oil export revenues to the private sector. The report pointed out that oil export revenues led to the high exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...8Dvgzv82WTTMrw— AQ, Today 4:29 PM
  7. Hi Adam,I'm hearing from a stock broker up here in Canada that The Dinar is Frozen for both buying and selling the Iraqi Dinar In Canada.I have also heard there are new restrictions on buying in U.S.Do you have any information on this?
  8. Just got it confirmed the currency exchange up here in Sudbury has stopped selling Dinars too.
  9. Hi BarrieGirl,I'm from Sudbury,Im trying to get in touch with the exchange up here to see what they say,I'll let you know
  10. Hi,I'm Canadian and invested too.Lets keep in touch.
  11. Hi I'm from Canada too,I was told by Scotia Bank That they would be Handling Dinar once it Revalued.Cashing in etec.
  12. This Is an email from the another site
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