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  1. I am not as religious as some in keeping up to date with all this. But I was thinking the other day about if an RV actually happened and was wondering.... If it goes down, how are people in Iraq supposed to pay for things like a loaf of bread? 25 thousand RV'd dinar would surely leave one hell of a tip at the bakery. Is the plan to have lower denominations of currency that are currently not in circulation? Is the speculation around the forums that they have printed it already and are simply waiting to pass it out to the whole country?
  2. I suggest the party be located at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach
  3. Oakie (Snake) Oil (Sales) Man
  4. Then dont read the rumor section tard
  5. It will Never happen?! ahaha wtf? Iraq is going to flourish with all this oil sale but the people will still have to carry around briefcases worth of currency to buy a loaf of bread? Sorry... I dont buy it.
  6. And where did this info come from? Did you just wake up with this knowledge? Did it come to you during shavasana after a yoga session? Did Steve Irwin come back from the grave to kill that sting ray and impart you with this forecast?
  7. You would have to lead a pretty pathetic existence if you crave the attention of a couple hundred people on an internet forum.
  8. I posted here a couple months ago stating that a pyschic told my mom that the Dinar would RV in about 6 months time. That puts us a few months away still. I would prefer if her psychic calendar was off and it all happens in the next couple days.
  9. What does this mean for us?.... What does this mean if anything for RV?
  10. Seems a bit far away from election time to be making moves like that. Surely whatever drop in prices this will achieve will be a short lived with only 60 million barrels being released.
  11. What do people think about this seemingly bizarre move on behalf of Obama? Surely if an RV was going to happen this month, Obama would know about it. So do people think this move points to a RV not happening right now, or does it point to the US needing immediate liquidity to pay all of the cash ins out? I am a graphic artist. By no means do I understand even the basics of economics, so forgive my ignorance as I am simply a lamen trying to make sense of a seemingly strange event.
  12. My Dad just printed this out and brought it down to me and said. "Doesnt look good for your dinar Jake." I read it and was like... WTF? He makes the case FOR IT HAPPENING. States all the pre war rates blah blah. Only negative I see in that was about counterfeited dinar. Which I feel like unless you bought from ebay or some other unrepeatable dealer, you are probably pretty safe from holding. Dad went to sleep but I cant wait to discuss with him in the morning.
  13. Got a call from my uncle today who got me into dinar. Can't remember who he said told him this. But he claims Blair and Bush are in Iraq. Any truth to this? I assume its no longer a matter of public record where these two would be, but I dont know, maybe someone on here can shed some light on this. Thanks -Jake
  14. Got a call from my uncle saying Maleki made an announcement on Friday that a RV was immanent at a rate of over pre war levels. Sounds like some Okie shissa to me.. but I just want you all to tell me its BS so I can tell him the same thing
  15. Hi I purchased some through Ali a few months back. After some recent information came to light that a friend over heard, she became interested in buying some and wants to know where the best place would be. I have heard some of you say the airport. Some say various banks. I appreciate the help thanks.
  16. It all totally makes sense if you think about it. What other possible thing could have held up the RV this long if not the divulgence of all of this top level intel. Once the info the Oakie gives us is put on planet dinar we all know that means that basically everyone in the world knows, thus the RV has to be delayed again as to not completely destabilize the global economy. I understand Okie... I understand GET... I understand all of you... YOUR INTELL IS TOO HOT.... "Straight out of the oven".... I just thank the lord above that you have given us the high level "intel" you have for so long. "Straight from the top." Please do what you need to in order to keep your family safe from the CIA and MIB. Oh and what you need to in order to keep me safe too. Many times I have read one of your updates and shortly after noticed dark SUVs parked out front of my house. I usually close the blinds and pump classical music really loud as to muffle the sounds of my laptop which I resume listening to your conference calls on... from under the covers... in my spare bedroom.. because mine has windows... I would hate to get sniped by a black ops sharp shooter.
  17. Ok guys..... here it is.... my contacts in the CIA, IMF and CBI are all telling me the same thing. new rate shows up on forex in the morning at 9 am..... Bagdad time and US time... because its such a big event all of the clocks in the world are being changed that day so that everything goes smoothly. and let me tell you guys.... you heard it from me first. Everyone will be shocked at the rate. All sources confirmed this is locked in at $19.79 USD. You should quit your jobs, give away your cars and leave your wives. The dawn of a new era is upon us. I plan on putting a deposit down on an island right after I leave the bank tomorrow at 10 am I think me and my friend who also has some dinar are going to go halves on buying Catalina island.
  18. If it happened I can promise you this... I would never drive my current car again... let alone wash it.
  19. I wonder how many times, like thats the actual number of times, that he has said today or tomorrow.
  20. I love this forum. I would be classified as one of the "newbies" jlymonstone mentioned. Bought a few months ago. But I am definitely a harder sell on these rumors than I used to be. I actually find the word "intel" highly irritating. Anyway, thank you all for infusing me with the healthy, logical, skepticism I used to lack.
  21. NYCboy...... WHERE DO YOU GET THESE AWESOME GIFS?!! actually dont tell me... just keep appropriately responding with them. I F@cking crack up every time I see a new one
  22. Should probably change his name to LongNosedFellow or just LongNose in honor of the great Pinocchio
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