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  1. I second that! I could almost "hear" the xcitement in the chat! Thanks Adam. and BUMPER too!
  2. WOW! your words say so much of how I feel as well. I love my country too. I remember driving to the beach with the "radio" blasting to the Beach Boys feeling like all was right with the world!...none of this nonsense. I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegience in School and never doubted I lived in the greatest country in the world... There was no doubt about it, never questioned it. I want IT BACK too AND WE ARE NOT ALONE! VOTE! MAKE IT COUNT!!!
  3. You are so funny scary clown guy! I LOVE your sense of humor! I slept about 2 hrs...I have been like this for 3 days, totally addicted to this site, and losing it everytime I "hear" a message on my phone. I shut the sound off on my phone, but couldn't sleep because I thought I would miss the news! Feel like some kind of psycho addict! Hopefully at 2 pm est, we'll hear something...(after their meeting) Keep up that great make my day sometimes with your funny remarks!
  4. I got up this moring, and even before my doffee,(sacred ritual) I'm on this site. Now this seems like good news, but I just read a bunch of stuff tht said we "have beeb duped" and it is worthless. I am so tired, I must say. Maybe I am just not savvy enough to understand what is going on.... Been realy excited the pst few days, now..I don't k now.. This forex pro...good because they have finally acknowledged IQD? Is this where we keep checking to see if it RV's? Thanks.
  5. Fan Video: Hero Hikes to Raise Money for Families (If clicking on the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it into your browser and hit "enter.") (If clicking on the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it into your browser and hit "enter.") Hope I attached this link correctly. Sgt Yocum is an Iraqi vet walking 7000 miles to raise money for Iraqi War Vets famlies. Great story and video . After he saw his friend, disabled come back. lose job, house, etc. He took action to do omethng about it. I think his dog walked 2500 miles too! A must watch. The Charity that he is walking for, is for Iraqi Vets. I plan to give to them post RV. Maybe this is one you might like to look into and give to as well, 0 Read more:
  6. This little conversation is bringing up alot of memories in itself! My mother passed away 42 years a go. wow. One of herr friends was Mary Messina. Funny how so many ended up with last names of the towns they were from.
  7. Did you ever notice, that when someone puts out negative vibes all the time, always complaining, why me, I have no luck, my boss sucks, etc. What they get back is the SAME.... they always have drama one problem after another, they never get anywhere, and work always sucks. They function at a "low vibration" and attract other low vibration people. An opportunity can hit them square in the face, and they won't see it. Then you have the person who thinks and acts in a POSITIVE manner. Cheerful, looking on the positive side of an issue instead of the downside..taking a negative situation and seeeing what they can learn from it. He attracts high vibrration people like himself. opportunties present themselves, and he is open to them. So, it's not a 70's thing...I was there then and here now... it is a law of nature. What you dwell on, expands, Dwell on negative, that's what you'll keep attracting.. OK that'll be $350 for this session, see you next week!
  8. Siragusa, Sicily. Some of the family has that last name, guess from the folks at Ellis Island when they came over. Yes. Success is the BEST revenge!!!!
  9. lol! been in GA 25 yrs so I guess I am one too!
  10. i will not do bs with Chase. Had an experience at my branch which turned me off. This might be stupid, but it ruined my mental upbeat attitude on this investment for weeks... I have a business acount at Chase. I went in to do some business related stuff, and asked the "personal bs banker" : "So many of my friends are invested in this Iraqi dinar re-valuation thing..If that does happen, will Chase cash in that currency for the new rate what ever that is"? I didn't want her to know I was invested. Man! The attitude on this (she who rhymes with Witch..) She rolled her eyes and said, "No..we don't deal with that..." Like it was all a big scam and anyone who believed other wise was an idiot. She had this smirk on her face, like I just lost all credibility for asking that question! I pray this RV's at something decent..I will go to Chase and CLOSE MY BS ACCT. (and that is a hassle..) When she asks why, I'll tell her that I did "quite well" with an investment in Iraqi Dinar, and am planning to . to retire, and no longer need a bs. account. PS- not retiring. Just need to get a point across .. It's the Sicilian in me, the blood.."Don't get mad, get even"! LOL
  11. Sounds that away to me as well. But who knows..
  12. I have been addicted to coming to this computer at all hours to check on news... Getting too OCD! Will not read a thing till Sunday night! God knows so many of us need this to happen now...Go RV JUNE!
  13. Whenever I tried to analyze a gut feeling I had about something, and tried to find ways to justiify not going with that gut feeling...I ended up saying "Man! I should have listened to my gut feeling on that"! They say that "whatever you give attention to, expands.." This is the First time I have been "cautiously enthusiastic" about it happening very soon. I am the type of person who has to see the "science" (facts) behind everything. From what I have read, my gut feelling is: RV (not lop, illogical) .86- $1 End of June, Beg of Jul,y On a Tuesday or Thursday (supposedly past major announcments took place on these days) Scared that our gov will try to screw us out of money. Yuk! Looks like the guy I saw at Walmart today in Sunny GA!
  14. Funny! But absolutely correct..... -somewhere near Kennesaw GA where it is law that every homeowner owns a gun -- Kennesaw - lowest crime Rate all y'all!
  15. I'm from Jersey too! Bricktown, by Toms River! That's where all the real pizza is! I know what you mean. It's the little things we remember... my Mom used to surprise me with Pizzelles when I got home from school! Don't see too much of that anymore! My son's legal name is Giuseppe. We always called him "Joey". Now that he is in High School, older, wants to be called Giuseppe because he said he's proud to be Italian (Sicilian)! Good kid, has the right idea! Be happy and proud of who you are, and never pass judgment on anybody else..I always told my kids that. Just say'n. Think I'll go watch the Godfather... lol!
  16. Hi Now that this is getting close, I am thinking about gifting some dinars to my son, before they RV. I know I need to get it notarized. Does any one know? Is there a "form letter" around, or if I just put one together, any thoughts on how to word it to be legally correct? He'll need to take it to the bank with him when he cashes in to show the date and how he received them. Do I bring the dinars with me to the notary? Does my son have to be with me at the notary? I figure I better do this tomorrow, so if any can give me some imput it would be appreciated. By the way, the people on this site are awesome. I have learned so much, still learning, from Adam and you guys. Thanks!
  17. I read about this a few times and there was a whole section in one of the issues in National Geographic...torture! Barbaric! Pictuers of young girl,s being held down! It made me sick. Cannot imagine. Even though the law is passed, I have to wonder with the mindset that so many of them have over there and in Africa, that this will still go on secretly.. At least this is a step in the right direction. I pray for all women in these countries. Really do.
  18. I dont own that much dinar, but depending on the rate here is what I would like to do: go away for 3-4 days with my boys. Relax and let it all sink in! pay off 2 high interest bills, put money aside for son's college, move by a beach somewhere, invest in one of Adam's post RV projects. sleep well a night, travel a little. Thank "the powers that be" for letting me find this DV website. I would have written IQD off as a scam had I not read, and read on this site! Thank you for all the resources on this site! The end,
  19. LOL! I'm with you man! I grew up in NY then NJ...miss NJ SO MuCH! What partof Jersey? I was by Toms River..
  20. Attackcat1 for my cat Sasha...rescued her when she was 4 months old, a little fur ball. All she has ever known is love so I don't know why she is so dysfunctional! She turned out to be a Maine Coon. Absolutely beautiful, but deadly... I read that their temperment is sweet and loving, supposed to get along well with other cats, people. She is psychotic. She is now 23.5 lbs. She hisses all day long,, attacks for no reason (hides and pops out!), a big bully to the other 2 cats. She goes from loveable and purring to tearing your flesh off in just one second! The vet put her on kittly prozac, but it didn' So, I call her attack cat and "1" because she is one of a kind. She loves me, all loveable with me, but hates the rest of the world! LOL!
  21. I just spent more time on the site...I think I understand it better, and am sorry for frantically posting! Rule is for investors in hedge funds and the like. We bought ours before July 15, and even if what we cash in may be in the "thousands" of USD, and not millions (for those of us holding under 1M dinar) it will be ok and there will be no problems. Am I right on this? I sure hope so. Thank you all for your consideration.
  22. Sorry - I feel really stupid. but I don't understand.. i Had the worst two years of my life financially...way under 200K! Way Way under! I now have 700K dinar. Unless it values over $1, I am screwed. It is worthless. I cannot cash in? I feel sick thining of this..please if anyone can explain it in very basic terms it would be appreciated.
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