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  1. I think most of us are not worried whether an RV happens tonight - this week, month. We are hoping for this year, but more than that, we are hoping that it will actually happen. I think if we could get a definite yes and the rate would be near a one to one, we can tough it out. It is the uncertainty of it happening at all that adds to our angst. Have you looked at what is going on in Europe. I believe it was Spain that had a 54% unemployment rate for people ynder 26. Adding to our debt will not solve anything - just a band aid. It does appear that Iraq is the game changer. Can they hold it together before they start killing each other. Violence is a way of life, but prosperity will give these folks something different to think about.
  2. Did you notice the great marketeer overseer of another site now introduces his buy back plan - just to give us another option, he says. The pulling out of our troops is big news, and I say super good news - may have been the one component to get them out of Chap 7. No mention from D?. So, any how D? offers to buy back our dinars. Now, why would one want to buy back something unless they thought that something was going to be worth more in the future? He has become the ultimate huckster and has found a little gold mine with his site. Well, good for him, but remember, there is "no watching out for the other guy here". I still like this deal about superstitious Iraq. The first time in 786 years that we have had 3 numeric progressions - 1-1-11 ; 11-1-11; 11-11-11 . This is about as good intel as I have seen. No, I do not have a link, but if you have your yearly calender, might be able to check it out;.
  3. Boy oh boy oh boy - 1-1 . Wouldn't "visions of sugar plums dance in our heads"?
  4. Easy, anything over a dollar is almost beyond the realm of conceivability. Yes, you posted it - it is yours. Let it be written, let it be said Easy says $8.47. Easy is Okie.
  5. I have been thinking $0.10 for a long time - 100x your investment - Not too shabby - The more I hear about $3 plus rates, the more depressing this whole thing gets cause that is just not going to happen.
  6. Bondlady - you have a lot of desperate people on this site and we look forward to hearing from you. What are we to do.... put up with DD and the stuff he is trying to sell? Please understand one thing. Any of us who have posted with any regularity have hit the send key and then have send key regrets. Others, want to give a different point of view. Most who post, just want some recognition or notoriety. Posting and commenting on someone's thread is fraught with problems because of the anonymity of the individual. That being said, things are written that would never be said, or even thought of if we were responding to you as an acquaintance. And, words are stubborn things - they can be chosen poorly - 75% of the people who post here do not understand the difference between :their; there; they're - your - you're. You have to be bigger than any of them. I got booted from this site when I was Butkus51. I used to write a lot of funny things. Somebody made a terrible anti-semetic remark. I responded "Would you have been happier if the Nazis finished the job". TJ Munson (don't hear from him much anymore) complained to Pleasent Valley (don't hear from her either). If one read what I said, they would see that I was castigating the person for saying something hateful against the Jews (I am not Jewish, by the way) So, I came back as Bambino, the best Yankee. So, here's the deal, we members can not accept your leaving. I think people will try to be a little kinder and that this will make us all the better. Words hurt more than slings and arrows. My mother once said "You'll never be as good as your brother". Those words have stuck with me. My mother screwed up and probably didn't mean it because it worked out to be the other way around. See, there is the way we can use words that hurt and turn them around. Herman Cain says one good thing. "Americans have to have more sense of humor". Come on Bondlady. You are better than any detractor and you need to watch us for us little folks who dwell on your every word.
  7. Bambino3


    Atheisit - you do have a good point and are proof that man evolved from apes. The only problem I have is that you are giving apes a bad name.
  8. My thought is that we bought 25000 dinar. That's what we will have times the rate. There may be an in country rate where the 3 zeroes are lopped off the currency. How does Iraq buy 26 F-16's with a total budget of under $100 billion. I think that is the key question, so I think we are looking at $0.856. It was already stated that the average income per Iraqi (not worker) will rise from $2200 to over $8,000. To me, all things are pointing to an RV. I will go back to my biggest indicator - the FDIC guarantee on a non-interest checking account going from $250K to unlimited. There is no conceivable reason for this law, other than the RV.
  9. Keep, you are a good guy. Listen, there are now guys saying that Einstein got it wrong. Why don't they just ask Good Will Hunting. Seriously, you do a good job and keep things real. Bob L.
  10. If the dinar were to increase in value, do you think an Iraqi official would put forth an article that says it will. I would think their posts would be a feint - saying you are going one way when you are going "thuther". At this point, anything from Iraq is much less credible than Okie-and I believe that.
  11. I am a panhandler and I talk to a lot of people every day. At midnight, we all gather around a fired garbage can to discuss our day. Usually there are about 6 of us, 4 of whom are ex-bankers. By the way, this makes me a guru, but I am waiting before I tell you the true picture. No, I am not Okie. I am against the Obama tax on the rich, as it will affect me greatly. Do you realize how difficult it is to take my Gucci clothes and make them look like rags.
  12. Wouldn't it be nice to know if these articles are good or bad news. I just say it's good news. I have been denigrating Alawi for 6 months. Maybe he was the major fly in the ointment.
  13. You know what, we can all state our concern for Iraq's people etc., but I think they need to help themselves, as do we Americans. I think the best way to honor our fallen soldiers would be for this RV to happen and then to go forth with any wealth we may gain and try to do the best we can for the needy in this world, especially the children. That is the way to win any war - at the child level. Then, they are not as susceptible to the teachings of hate. But, whatever happens, I just hope it happens soon. This has taken a toll on many of us.
  14. It seems that Erbil hinged on M & A coming to some agreement or compromise. That would never happen. However, remember A is a baby and pouts so we may not have heard the last of him, but if we have, and even if there is a new guy to replace him, I think M may be more amenable to "Let's make a deal". At this point, I view it as a movement of sorts and in our dinar world, at least , it keeps us interested. Now, it will be interesting to hear what the other guys have to say - Talabani - Barzini & shabs.
  15. I have scoured the entire DV site today, and it looks that the overwhelming conclusion is that this will be a LOP. If that is true, no real money to be made here. Better off just staring at your GE stock on MSN Money. but, that is what puzzles me. There are a lot of people pontificating the LOP conclusion as the Gospel. Okay, no argument. I don't know (oh, gosh - my bad. I said I don't know). So if you have made a relatively small investment, why do you unbelievers keep beating a dead horse? The hours spent on this are unbelievable. Why don't you start a novel? Like I said about Keepm. He wins either way. LOP = he was right. RV 1 to 1, we never hear from him again unless he makes the news by having a shark bite him in the butt while he is surfing in Ipanema. Not dismissing anyone's theory - just their motivation. Keepm, said he likes to keep an eye on his investment. But, do you really keep an eye on an investment that has little chance of making a significant return? Makes me think that Lopsters that are on this sire are disingenuous or they are sitting in some nuclear launch silo with nothing to do until the buzzer goes off.
  16. Yeah, the dinar is just an afterthought. He supposedly had all this intel, etc.. You know who that was? Yep - Okie.
  17. I wasn't looking at some esoteric, pompous know it all answer. Shoot, I'll settle for just a simple opinion. Now, because I try to interject some self deprecation into my posts so that I do not come out as all knowing or more elevated mentally than any of the least of us on this site, I would think a learned person, who you through self-annointing have painted yourself as, could write 3 sentences that would explain the basics. You know what, Aqua Velva, I don't think you know the answer. Okay, so you own a Fiat - I'm not impressed. I own an AMC Pacer. Think it started a couple of times. Besides, I do not have time to do the research. I am camped out on the Brooklyn Bridge. Michael Moore and Bill Mahar are with me. They have on Gucci gym shoes.
  18. Forget the jobs thing in my post. Had one fall through today. But, this is a very basic question. The most basic of all. When we become millionaires, who pays? Is it all fractional banking? I would really like to know the answer. I know somebody knows.
  19. Feel better when reading your posts. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I have stock in a microphone company.
  20. The only thing worse than holding lower denoms is holding higher denoms.
  21. A simple question. Of course you knew that when you saw my name. If there is this RV or even RV at $4.33 with a LOP (keepm will love this), from where does our money come at cash in. Iraq does not have enough cash. Even if the RV is at $0.01 (which I would take today). We had heard that the UST was to buy up our dinar and then use that dinar to buy oil at a cut/rate price. Now, how would this work since they want our butts out of the country. If we had a deal to buy oil at $30, would they honor it? And where would we come up with the trillions of dollars needed? Yeah, I know from Warren Buffet and susan Sarandon. You know what, it's over. No RV, nothing to cash in. So much for Bush's plan. All that being said, I'll just hold onto what I have. Anybody that is still buying is a lunatic, which makes me wonder why I am not buying. Have about 20 job applications out for $8 jobs - not a chance. Competing against someone who has a masters degree and big hooters.
  22. Ric C - The carpenters union what a joke. Try having a trade show at McComack Place. We had a display, just basically velcro backed stands with signs. Not a piece of wood on it. But, you couldn't touch it. A carpenter had to put it together at about $120 per hour. And to call a union a union is a joke. Our teacher's union was asked to forego their 4% raise, otherwise they would have to lay off 2,000 teachers. Screw the 2,000 teachers. They would not give an inch. Unions - you guys are the reason for China's Rise and most of your membership has probably never read a book.
  23. As suggested, the JFK assassination was part of this global conspiracy. I have studied it for forty years, yet I always find something new. In the Novermber 28, 1963 issue of the Chicago Sun Times, the doctors that worked on Connaly said that it framented, while causing the 5 wounds. The pristine bullet, which supposedly makes 2 wounds in JFK and then the 5 in Connally has to be the bullet, otherwise, more than one shooter. Oswald supposedly passes on an easy shot. His first shot (according to the Warren Commission) misses the car entirely, hitting the pavement to the left of the car. Now, this should have been Oswalds best shot. It was closest. The rifle was ready to fire, didn't need to eject a bullet first. And he not only misses the car, but misses left - JFK was sitting on the right. Now, the 2 most difficult shots are precise and he had to eject, site through a telescope that could not be tested by the Warren Commission until they shimmed it and he has to shoot without having any time to carefully aim. I could go on for days and days. It was a murder-not an assassination. Murders have a motive. Who had the most to gain? Who could cover it up? Who ratcheded up the Vietnam war, thus fullfilling Eisenhower's prophesy of a military industrial complex.?
  24. Leaving a meeting is what happens at meetings. It was what happened from the start to the end that matters. Maliki is a bad dude, no doubt, but Alawi is a baby because he got 91 to M's 89. But you didn't form a government, you putz. You were in London.
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