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  1. NO ,your a lost cause your playing the victim , lol. you do not believe whats really going on , thats on on you .But dont attack me for speaking the truth and try to counter me with ridiculousness. Its tough to solve because they have us all enslaved in debt wich takes up most of our lives , I would say vote with your dollars , be carefull of where every dollar you spend is going .Also we need to keep speaking and awake the populace and stop the divison in this country , this right vs left bullcrap ,white vs black etc ..its all mind games to keep us divided and confused while t
  2. Spidey jammies , thats cute ....Dude cant you read english ? are you handycapped ? gotta be something ? because i just told you that this gorvernment is involved and then in your infinite wisdom post a link that has a .gov link , LMFAO , like serioulsy ? Whats wrong George ? meds ? boozing a little this morning ? maybe I should change my avatar to the red white and blue and then pretend im smart than actully acting like it .
  3. george enjoy your kool-aid , i will not argue with a lost cause
  4. trinity x , you are wasting your time , If anybody at this point in time does not see the truth of 911 its a lost cause .The evidence is so overwelming its ridiculous . People are so brainwashed with their one way of thinking it will never change , I think they call it ( cognitive dissotance). I am completly on board with you on this , but if you cant wake people up you need to just keep moving on . We both know if you really go down deep the rabbit hole its a battle for souls , and I just assume that they are already spoken for , thats the only logic I can come up with for any normal h
  5. well no surprise on a few things , first would be rochester and goldie girl no being able to wrap their liberal brains around whats is really going on around the world. Yes we have new world corporate order trying to take control of everything rite now , and I have heard of the white hats trying to make things rite . This is why im sceptical of the dinar actually revaluing , nevermind for our benefit but for the poor iraqis . These Global banksters who have the worlds politicians in their pockets do not want any prosperity for anybody , these people do not have christian beliefs to say the
  6. sweet 10 years later , im dickinson also , doing better than i ever did in Iraq . Also they dont need to drill in medora or around the park , this place is going to be insane the peek of the boom has not even hit yet. Talking about over 50k wells drilled before its all over .Talking about haullin oil to south dakota to get rid of it . As long as the eco $hit birds keep drinking the kool aid from saudi arabian backed enviro groups the pipelines infrastructure will not be built. its like trying to fit a watermellon through a garden hose ,I drove over 200 miles to get rid of load oil last nig
  7. because we have the same little trolls kicking in their 2 cents on every thread on here because their side of the fence is far different trying to spread incorrect information to counter ,truth ,logic and ideas . For example somebody posting any concerning news , and somebody else countering by saying its not true because the grammar was spelled wrong , not because they countering facts or anyting . This would be called ,Cognitive Dissonance PLUMMET , you have my total support on this thread , this kinda information needed to get out without intrusion .
  8. EXCELLENT THREAD !! I dont comment much anymore becasue of this exact issue , this does explain alot .Im very concerned though on the people who dont understand what this means . Because if most dont get this then im not very optimistic about the future of this country , and how the feds are doing this to us rite now to keep us undercontrol and asleep to whats really going on .
  9. if anybody on this thread thinks this is not fact and we have influtual evil people stopping a RV for for pure dominance of the human race needs to give theier head a shake . God save our souls . Stealthwarrior we need to stick this out. Im spent tired myself ,but i cant let my children live through this future.. Got to make a stand
  10. I live North dakota now ..GATE CITY BANK !!!!!..they wave ATM fees and have fantastic customer service... Trust me on this one folks
  11. HA HA HA thats cute and all and , But im really not respecting your gun gangster attitute , and if your out west like B.C. its really the canadian version of california ..alberta is as conservative as it gets up there , you know whats funny is you can drink your own kool -aid and think what you want and spin whatever facts you want , but i know the truth , and guess what i lived on both sides of the border..If The U.S. is out of the picture with the right to defend itself ,Canada would be eaten alive by any other hostile contry , and my cousin is high ranking soldier at gagetown , i know my f
  12. like seriously, are we having this discussion.. I am a duel citizen,born in canada raised in the U.S.and i cant believe i would be standing here defending this country when we have others fleeing north , I have kids here now and im not going anywhere. Are you aware of how scared canadians are of guns , i mean like deer in the headlights look , you want to be around people like that in times of tyranny, And how long do you think you will survive in canada after a colapse ? a few years , you know there is only like 60k canadian troops , more show for clevland browns games seriously
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