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  1. The daily energy auctions are the majority of the daily inbound out bound transactions. The oil sector, which accounts for 96 percent of the country’s dollar earnings. The Central bank creates a spread for all oil sales and then creates revenues for the Iraq government to pay operation expenses incurred with running a country. Do not let the Gurus pump you by stating the daily auctions are removing or adding currency to the economy.
  2. Brietling is the biggest scammer of all the GURU's. Be careful. He is always pushing innocent people with no money into bad deals. Here is the joke. He writes his own emails to himself, and then he reads them out load. OMG. This is CRAP. RUN. Do not do this!!!
  3. The Daily Central Bank Auctions are oil sales between local regional countries. Do not be fooled by GURU's saying they are changing out or in new currency or old currency. It is not true! The Central Bank of Iraq website is managed by a guru in the US, out of Texas.
  4. We are now going from monopoly money to Plastic money.
  5. The daily auctions reflex a majority of the oil being sold regionally to small countries. Do not be fooled by Gurus that state that auctions are pulling or pushing currency. Is not true. Federal Reserve Holdings and Oil Exports are the biggest factor for IQD exchange rate
  6. THESE GURU ARE FULL OF CRAppppp. Do not listen to them or invest based on their rumors, of noting!
  7. False, do not trust WARKA. Being over pumped by Brietling. Are we being scammed by this guru.
  8. Brietling Iraqi Dinar - Never trust Brietling. He is always pumping and scamming situations
  9. IS THIS GOING TO BE LOOP. I am going to be very unhappy to go to a trader and lose 25% to trade in my currency. So I take in a $25,000 IQD, and they hand me back $20.00 USD's. The $5.00 is for handling the transaction. We all need to be very careful!
  10. Suggestion: As put at the top of your posts... Please excuse any typos. Then if anyone harasses you they will look foolish. Stay!
  11. Sales of oil is up in Iraq. The central bank high transactions are do to the sales of oil to smaller countries. Sales of oil are up
  12. The incitements are going to shake out all the spam players making money on them building selling hopes to people that have no money...
  13. WAIT DO DEALERS OWN THESE CHAT WEBSITES... that might be a conflict of interest. I sure hope they are not producing news or media as well. That could be miss leading and be grounds for indictments. Everyone be careful... the wolves are among the sheep.
  14. GREAT Stuff - Could also include the IQD in your postings...
  15. The US dollar will always be in Iraq. The daily Energy Auctions are oil sales transacted in USD's. It will never be legal to move away from this system.
  16. Wow- Be very careful and sign nothing!! Brietling is scamming the IQD population all the time. This is insane! CAUTION
  17. Don't get to excited... This is still a few years from getting to the numbers we are seeking... The Energy Auctions for oils are seeing pressures from the recent Iraqi oil labor boycotts.
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