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  1. rough crowd this month... Is because the Bogus Gurus are dropping like flies...
  2. The CBI is an energy auction. It is the price received for oil sales to local regional countries. The spread is very slight to allow the CBI to generate revenues. The Forex or other similar sites create rates that engage invenstors or speculators. It is very similar to US Stamps. How can grocery stores sell them for the same price as the post office. Retail pricing, vs dealer pricing. Very difficult to pin down.
  3. All information is important when it comes to speculation or investment. We should also understand risk and be cautioned. There are many people that have lost everything... There was never information posted to help them. Are the gurus honest, trustworthy, and are promoting your best interest? A family member suggested this to me a few years back, so I got in. He got so sucked into this and leveraged everything. No way to rebound. He recently passed... I am not looking for brother, I want to help people be aware. We wait...
  4. CFTC Fraud AdvisoriesLink: Foreign Currency Trading (Forex) FraudThe Forex market is volatile and carries substantial risks. It is not the place to put any money that you cannot afford to lose, such as retirement funds, as you can lose most or all it very quickly. The CFTC has witnessed a sharp rise in Forex trading scams in recent years and wants to advise you on how to identify potential fraud. Signs of a Possible Fraudulent Sales Pitch Lead you to believe you can profit from current new
  5. Wow, read page 2 of this link from the - Commodity Future Trade Commission. The printed material is for the protection of investors and speculators. This was located on the US government fraud website. We should all try to call the toll free number and investigate further.
  6. 5 more years... I though the gurus said going to happen this month ??
  7. Frank is going get popped by the long arm if the law someday for all his fraud statements to get people to buy dinar... Damn shame!
  8. The link & website are owned by a person(s) in the US. Dallas Fort Worth. The site is bogus as it has now direct phone number to call, no direct list of authors, reporters you can call directly. The site is set up via RSS links to spider out and grab any posting, real or not, to fill the website pages. Last the site has banners to buy Dinar. That would be available via any newsworthy website. Just for info.
  9. Mountain Goat sounds more like a Jack A... Why would they ever post an RV rate of $3.44 this get's folks crazy thinking this RV is 100% a done deal and that is just not the case. The meaning of "Meine Schwesterns" is slang for sweetheart. Absolutely no financial expert.
  10. QUESTION... so we are 100% confirmed that the budget will have the RV in place to change the currency? if not why are we discussing the budget to get folks hopes up. Consider in more details and the equilibrium in the money market and in the foreign exchange market under flexible exchange rates. In the money market, the equilibrium condition is the equality between real money supply and real money demand: There are many factors. Example. What is the T Bond rate at the CBI, and how many T Bonds do they own. MS/P = L(Y, i) (1) Equation (1) is represented graphically in Figure 2. Th
  11. The first website link is very odd to me... none of the links this a fake site.
  12. This memo is a stinky fish! Possible smoke screen... our focus needs to be on Iraq and RV news...
  13. Is the rate being called 100%? Is Januaray 1, 2014 the RV date? When should everyone go out and spend extra cash based on these two fact are 100%? No speculation, if they are 100% gurus tell when?
  14. The word "supposedly". We had a county pass Obamacare. 4 years later we still have fighting and delays. This could take two more years...
  15. The oil contracts drive the price of the oil they sell. Major change will take years to embrace and implement.
  16. Wait... This one seams real! The person is not claiming blinking screens, alters, new delarue equipment, are a private banker rate... Has anyone else heard these words?
  17. Lopster section?? I do not go to any specific section. When the 5 five are posted every few moments on the right side of the screen I open them and reply if I choose tooo. My words say if this is going to be a lop I am going to be very disappointed. And on top of it we will lose money to the traders and that is going to suck!!!
  18. Examples... Brietling is pumping B presents a stock as an example of his approach to stock picking because (he claims) some of his listeners were bugging him about it. Actually B is pumping LD Holdings, the penny stock that he and the BH Group are involved in. He's saying he thinks it will go from a quarter to $9. B doesn't mention that he's part of the marketing team, nor does he mention the company's assets and liabilites which are not too attractive. Example: B announces an upcoming public appearance in the Phoenix area around the first of October. He says it's for REIC
  19. I have never stated lop, I don't want Lop. Let's be very clear. Too many folks are being over pumped by people making money selling IQD, Building False media websites, building conference calls to make money for keeping phones on the line. That is everyone's issue! I have had two friend over spend and have personal explosion of their person finances because they feel this going to happen any moment... really. I have been three years and have had over 1,000 call out this is going to happen today, tonight, tomorrow, after a three day weekend. The screens are blinking, there are two bank ra
  20. Brietling creates a just around the corner thought in our minds this could happen, it is going to happen, right now, this week, anytime... don't bite. Do not be scammed by his calmness and approach. He writes his own emails to himself, and reads his own words. How about how every emails starts by pumping him for all he is and doing. WHAT is that all about.
  21. Peeps are are starting to get really frustrated with the gurus pulling our chains. : @
  22. There is no news coming out of the Central Bank. the website is managed by a USA Gurus. Many of the Iraq news websites pumpers are linking to support their words are actual sites here in the US or UK... owned by Gurus or people pumping the sales of the Dinar. We are still many years off in this this speculation... we call IQD
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