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  1. Hello Everyone, I am an investor only. I seems everyone and myself included are wishing, hoping, & praying for the Iraqi currency to RV. I would suggest that are efforts are not in balance with how we are managing our lives. This investment a Puzzle or a Mystery. If the investment was a puzzle we would only need a few additional pieces of information to complete our mental process prior to our spend, investment, and/or risk taking actions. This seems to be a Mystery... too much noise and too much random data. I am taking the position moving forward that for every dollars I invest in the I
  2. This is Dinar Buddy. I am an investor and have a few steps that you need to understand to achieve the best return on the pending Dinar RV. First the removing of three "zeros" is going to increase the value of the Dinar. It also allows the GOI to start flushing the new Dinar throughout Iraq at a rapid pace. Most Iraqis and investors from around the globe will immediately turn in their Dinar at rate around $1.18. The removing of the three "zeros" are not an RV, again not an RV. The real RV will happen once the new Iraqi bills are flushed through the system. There will be confusion and people po
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