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  1. I don't see okie posting anything on DV. Everyone just cuts and pastes postings from other sites. Everyone stop posting his stuff the issue will go away. Don't cross the line as there might be folks from the government watching??? Stay focused on the RV
  2. US Budget is really not under any pressure. It is about politicians fighting to get move for their special intrest groups. Remember we print out own money and our current President loves to spend.... Haha
  3. I am only going cash in an extremely small amount once it RV's. Wait for it to climb... If it comes out over $5.25 all in, but anything lower I can wait for another year, as most already have. If there is a time limit to turn back in the dinar then my strategy would change. Go RV
  4. You want to stop the pumpers immediately post a replay that alerts everyone else it is Bogus!! Go RV
  5. Try this link... Or this link: My link
  6. The Feds are ready and today they hear from Bernanke about the economy and speaks about Central Banks... Link: My link Go RV
  7. Stop. Stop. Stop I was at a BOA yesterday in So Cal and nothing was down or odd happening to thief system. Go RV
  8. Newbie Please get lost!!! Sell your dinar. Go RV
  9. Relax... These are all normal operation with most websites managing heavy data. Go RV
  10. How did you send your letter?? Email is not an option as you had to select a relevant, available, topic to send and email. Who did you send this too specifically?? We can do the same. I can BS... Let's go RV
  11. Bogus!! Where is the link??? Check the link to see who created it?? We want real news!!
  12. Bogus news. Where is the link?? Let's make sure we check the link creator to confirm it us true. We are watching.
  13. Bogus... Where the link. We need to also tracking overtly post that claims is it is news. Wake up everyone.
  14. Watch Gurus and site hosts and we are coming closer to finding you. If there is ever legal action no one will ever be able to hide... Go RV
  15. Everyone make sure to are tracking the sites you purchased from in the event there is any fraud. Dinar Profits is registered in the San Francisco area. All sites are 100% trackable all the way down to the ownership. I do understand how more site will be required to temporally shut down...they personally can't afford to buy dinar themselves to sell or there is so little dinar to purchase... Let's go RV
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