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  1. Respectfully, the US has currency from every country in the world on hand. Every country that buys or sell oil must transact through the US. Mr. Kissing set that up after world war ll. So we could embargo and control all commerce. Even Iran that hates use must has the buyer of oil use US dollars and then have it converted to Iranian Dinar. We know alll spends and work with the world to control many situations. Ready fir this one... Every airplane is the the pilot is only permitted to communicate with the tower, people on the ground... Everybody is only permitted to speak English! It is the
  2. Everyone is reading into the search engine and google way to much... There 57 different setting when you set up your google to bring you our own experiences. You can manually change these setting any time. Also the way a website is organized will also redirect you to specific sites. They use what us called meta tag words. Next time you are getting ready to ready or search on DV place your cursor over the sentence topics. You will have choices like date, dinar, Iraq, revalue, RV, rumor..., the second way to control what you see or could search is a website... Example all advertisers uses ADWOR
  3. I do not support the Gurus, but Med is stating $.86 conservativing as that is the value if Iraq removed the three zeros. Step 2 could be a RI back to the price of $3.22 and finally step 3 could be a revalue... Do not know the rate, but it could be any amount. Go RV
  4. Boehner stays grounded and will not budge unless the process and changes are going to bring down the debt. He is a solid politician.
  5. Politicians and governments move at a speed that might never work for us or and individual. I see the debt discussion was the biggest news of the week, but can we get to Iraq and their government... What is still pending? We have not see any real info lately from Basel Switzerland, US Treasury, UN, Maliki, Shabibi... I also feel that if we are hours away as stated by the posting gurus any day could be an RV day. Go RV
  6. Just watched the news. Nothing settled at this time. Neither side is making any consideration... at this time. Go RV
  7. We should not reach out to the the media, IMO, at this time. The right government powers are now pushing so hard this can't take much longer. I encourage everyone to have all of their personal finances completed. The monies will come very fast and you do not want to make a mistake that will cost a lot more taxes later. Has anyone checked the AP news via the Internet... They always a variety of global news? Go RV
  8. The Gurus have helped me look more to find my truth and real truth, as their information is fractionally correct. If not for the Gurus 3,000,000 people would not have purchased Dinar. I have to tell you Okie makes laugh... He is on another planet. Caution as many of the Gurus have agendas. Go RV
  9. Wait, are you pumping right now??? Get ready
  10. Our country can't be taxed to prosperity... We all have adjusted our own personal families to tighten the budget the last 4 years. We need our government to act in a similar manner. We are all aware of the tough times we will face, but we must do all we can for our children and their future. Go RV
  11. Does anyone know the best days the US likes to RV as they seem to be the ones holding this up... We need to get Maliki and Shabibi in the same place to get this all done. Go RV
  12. To take my total attention the Dinar I started only check the sites once in the and once at night. The rest of the spend time with my family and friends... Margaritas!! Go RV
  13. Solid post... Adam your words keep us grounded. Go RV
  14. Go way... Your negative magic will not work here... Any investment is not about the day to day workings of a country. This country needs an adjustment to bring themselves back from 8 years of nothing, and they have the backing of oil to support their desired currency adjustment. I do not sell dinar and I do not work for any agencies. I am only an investor. Go DV
  15. You are a jerk... Stop playing everyone and let's stay to only posting show the RV...
  16. Tell us something that gets us to the RV and stop wasting time and effort!!
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