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  1. WOW... This hurts! The have over sold us on the DONG... now it is going to drop 21% is not good.
  2. Tony is untrustworthy! Has he ever told the truth?
  3. Let me restate... The countries buy OIL with USD's. and deposited into the CBI, which then transfers them to about 18 banks to reduce risk. The country that then buy oil get the oil... NO IQDs. The CBI then pulls off the IQD from their inventory, as they GOI own the oil. They then repay all debts, IMF, and everyone else in USD's. Last, the CBI has a spread of 1166 to 1164, that is their profit. The CBI auctions a majority for energy auctions and portion for currency. Here is the link folks referencing about the pulling of the IQD off the market. Relook at this website. IT is bogus
  4. First challenge - They will not give a prequote without creating an account... using your social security number. That then routes to IRS, Homeland Security, and all other agencies. Interesting...
  5. The currency exchange is primarily oil sales to other countries regionally. It is not currency be bought or sold affect the rate.
  6. Folks are are talking about obamacare and goes on deaf ears. I say let the redskin name stay and all opposed find something else to waste your time on!
  7. This process seems to be working... Setting affordable healthcare care off to the side for a quick discussion. The House is representative doesn't want raise our debt ceiling... We would just spend more, print more money, and ultimately more interest payments to other countries. Does anyone remember the 10,000 additional employees hired a while back by the IRS ... The gurus stated it was for the RV... It now seems the government was preparing for Obama tax collections.
  8. I only want real truth coming to us... This money folks are investing... Emotionally everytime people feel the news is real they buy more and more... But then it never comes. Just bring caution!
  9. The website is bogus. No author names, no phone number to contact. The other piece add to the website that I thought was odd was the visitor counter... that is not normal for a government website. Gurus hide and pump this IQD any way possible! haa haa haa
  10. Question then... He is 100% for the people as he claims to sound, or does he pump the sales of investments? Example: Warka banking, Small Demons, the VND, IXS report (which he sells is actually free), Real Estate, and the IQD...
  11. Try to get pricing without logging on the system and giving all your information - SS number too. That means you are now locked with Homeland Security, UST, and IRS... I don't know if that is good.
  12. Guru Brietling is a pumper of the IQD. Always saying how he is in a rush... He reads emails that he writes and says he has received from the people with questions... hahahaha he always reads at the top of the emails people are always thanking him. bla bla bla
  13. Isn't Oakies birthday somewhere in the there as well...
  14. Western Union already has 90 locations in Iraq... What most likely is happening there is money being sent to Iraq families, but not of it is being tracked or deposited in the banks of Iraq. They want their cut.
  15. Take people out of the equation... Iraq can't short change the US government or any government for that matter. I do not want a lop, but it might serve the country of Iraq to get the money in a very short period of time. We wait!
  16. Go back to Cspan videos. Watch the final counts for the affordable healthcare act. Be freaked out how no republican was allowed to speak. The modirator shut them down everytime they spoke!
  17. Frank is full of BULL... We can't bite on this one as the gurus have already stole all of our teeth...
  18. What about Oakie and 7 dwarfs... Now that government is shut down who is going to let them out of the bunker?
  19. Oakie Doakie is that you... Change your diaper and go back to bed...
  20. They have never lost status... They have been in the UN since 1958... They were under chapter VII. A format to ensure communication and commitment are adhered to... Many countries are under different chapters to ensure accountabilities and commitment.
  21. These gurus must have been out humping dogs all weekend... they are so far Zero for Zero, for the last 10 years!
  22. I do not agree with the Gurus, but here we are and no change is the daily auctions are oil sales to regional countries. The CBI needs to change the rates between the buy and sell of the currency, and change the oil contracts, and bam... Something might happen. Let's go RV
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