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  1. Thus Enter Weegie - The ‘Rainmaker’ ! And ‘Goat Whisperer’ ...
  2. Filled Sheet Sunday 18 October 2020 Yasser Al-Metwally Now that the white paper has been completed and the government submitted it to Parliament, it seems that the paper is full and not white .. How? Those who follow the scheduling of organizing the paper will find it truly integrated in form and as a strategic plan to save the country's economy, distributed according to the basic economic theory in the content of economic plans, which are divided into three plans, the first of which is a short-term plan and its duration is a cale
  3. LINK Economist: The government's white paper is behind the dollar's rise 17:09 - 10/18/2020 The economic expert, Ahmed Jassim, confirmed, on Sunday, that the white paper presented by the government is behind the rise in the exchange rates of the dollar, expecting the rates of increase to increase unless the Central Bank addresses the matter. "The white paper put forward by the government indicated a decrease in the reserves of the Central Bank, which discusses the Central Bank's statement issued to
  4. LINK Kurdistan Region shall suspend official working hours for one day next week 18th October, 2020 According to the official holidays schedule for the Kurdistan Regional Government, official working hours in government departments and institutions will be suspended on the 29th of this October. Thursday 10/29/2020 coincides with the birth of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad bin Abdullah. The governorates of Kurdistan Region decided to ban the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday this year due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic. The Prophet’s birt
  5. LINK Consultant: The Reasons For The Rise In The Dollar Are Contrived To Embarrass The New Governor Over The Greed Of Corrupt Money 18th October 2020 The consultant of Islamic banks, d. Bashar Qaddouri said the reasons for the rise in the dollar are "fabricated, not real." Kaddouri said in a statement to (Al-Mustaqilla) that "the exchange rate is fixed and stable in the Central Bank. What happened is that the black market outside the authority of the Central Bank is the one who caused this crisis in the phantom rise." He pointed out that "the rise
  6. Positive indicators of the dollar war against the Iraqi dinar ... The "latent" foreign currency reserve is a good number 2020-10-18 Yes Iraq - Baghdad The Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister Mazhar Muhammad Salih confirmed that the intervention of the Rafidain Bank in the activities of buying and selling may provide stability in the exchange market. Saleh said, in statements monitored by "Yass Iraq": The development of windows for selling the dollar through the first governmental commercial bank, that is, the Rafidai
  7. He announced his efforts to remove Iraq from the European list of high risks ... Central Bank: The exchange rate of the dinar is fixed and the currency reserves are "good" News source / Al-Zawra Newspaper Posted 52 seconds ago Baghdad / Al-Zawra: The Central Bank of Iraq issued a clarification yesterday, Sunday, regarding the news that has spread recently regarding the reduction of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar. The bank said in a statement that Al-Zawraa received a copy of: “The statements that have spread recently regarding (
  8. The CBI Article Above - Was In Response To This Guy Al-Saeedi ! A parliamentary request to reconsider printing the currency from the Central Bank: its disadvantages are many 4,080 Policy 2020/10/18 13:13 Baghdad today - Baghdad A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Naji Al-Saeedi, on Sunday (10/18-2020), said that printing the currency by the Central Bank is a violation of the law, and will harm the country's economic position and float the currency. Al-Saeedi said in an interview with (Baghd
  9. A statement from the central bank ends the controversy regarding the dollar exchange rate 3,075 Policy 10/18/2020 09:22 am Baghdad today - Baghdad Today, Sunday (October 18, 2020), the Central Bank of Iraq issued a statement regarding reducing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar, while confirming that this news represents the viewpoint of the one who announced it, not the bank. The media office of the Central Bank stated in a statement received (Baghdad today), that “ The Central Bank of Iraq confirms that the recent s
  10. LINK Deputy: Parliament will discuss the financing of the fiscal deficit next week 18th October, 2020 The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Sunday, that the House of Representatives will discuss a draft law on financing the fiscal deficit during the next week. Representative Jamal Cougar, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, said, "The draft law on financing the fiscal deficit is now in the Finance Committee and it is scheduled to be discussed in the committee next week." He added, "The House of Representatives will conduct the
  11. Economist: The government and crisis traders besiege the people with "dollars" Posted 55 seconds ago Baghdad / Al-Zawra: The economist, Wissam Al-Tamimi, said that the dollar rose significantly in the Iraqi market, due to the fabrication of crises by the government, pointing out that traders took the opportunity to acquire and store goods to put them up at other times when the dollar is rising more. Al-Tamimi said in a press statement: “The government and the Central Bank in particular have not moved a finger against raising the price of the dollar. Rather
  12. A director in the central bank sets his forecast for the dollar exchange rate within days and reveals a forthcoming measure Posted 2 hours ago Baghdad today - Baghdad The General Director of the Central Bank branch in Basra Governorate, Qasim Raheeb, suggested that the exchange rate would continue to decline in the coming days. Raheef said in a press statement, followed by (Baghdad Today), that “the statements made by some members of Parliament, and other parties, that there is an intention to raise the exchange rate of the dollar in the coming days, creat
  13. Dr.. Mazhar Muhammad Salih *: Iraq White Paper: The Constitution of the Next Financial and Economic Reform 10/18/2020 In recent days, the Iraqi government discussed reform principles in the financial and economic fields, which it collected in a document called (the White Paper) prepared by a specialized Iraqi government team, and after its approval was referred to the House of Representatives with a view to legislative support. The white paper constitutes the government's start towards adopting a package of measures in managing the economic policy path and
  14. Al-Kazemi arrives in Paris at the start of his European tour 2020.10.18 - 21:44 Baghdad - People Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi arrived in Paris on Sunday, as part of his scheduled European tour. The official channel stated, in a news reported by "People" (October 18, 2020) that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi arrived in Paris at the beginning of his European tour." Al-Kazemi went to the French capital, Paris. Al-Kazemi's media office stated, in a statement, that "People" received a copy, (October 18, 2020), that “the Prime Ministe
  15. So I Wonder How Many Of The Tour Dates That Kazemi’s Biggest Groupie - Bro Navira’s Gonna Make It To ?
  16. LINK Al-Kazemi will meet Merkel next Tuesday 10/18/2020 13:51:39 The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the capital, Berlin, on Tuesday. The German embassy in Baghdad said that Al-Kazemi will meet Merkel in Berlin next Tuesday, noting that “the meeting will deal with bilateral relations, economic cooperation, combating the Corona epidemic, the war against ISIS, and international and regional files
  17. Despite its rapid rise ... Iraq sells huge sums of dollars 2020-10-18 Yes Iraq - Baghdad Today, Sunday, a document issued by the Central Bank of Iraq indicated that the bank has sold more than 180 million dollars in a foreign currency auction, as this comes despite the high dollar against the Iraqi dinar. The exchange rate of the dollar in Iraq yesterday reached 128 thousand dinars per sheet, while other provinces recorded 125.750 thousand dinars, and others 126,000 thousand. Today, S
  18. Printing new currency denominations that exceed 50 thousand.” A parliamentary clarification that settles the situation 1,970 Economie 2020/10/18 18:47 ht Baghdad today - Baghdad A member of the Economic and Investment Committee, Nada Shaker Jawdat, commented, Sunday (October 18, 2020), on the fact that there is a government tendency to print new currency issuances that exceed 59,000. In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Jawdat said, "The Economic and Investment Committee does not possess any information about the existence of government in
  19. Uh Oh Bro - Somebody Better Go Rescue The Poor Little ‘Floaty Boy’ Pepperoni After He Sees This One !
  20. LINK Nawar Al-Saadi: It is not in Iraq’s interest to float its currency 18th October 2020 Economist Nawar Al-Saadi said that the floating of the Iraqi dinar is a big mistake during this period, because that will greatly harm the poor and those with limited income He added in an interview followed by "Al-Eqtisad News", that "the financial crisis in Iraq is the result of economic problems and mistakes that have spanned from 40 years until now The dialogue came as follows Do you think that the Iraqi financial crisis is very dangerous and wi
  21. LINK Al-Kazemi begins his European tour, which will last for four days 10/18/2020 14:18:54 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi begins his European tour today, Sunday, and will continue for four days. On his tour, which includes 3 countries (France, Germany, Britain), Al-Kazemi will lead a high-ranking government delegation, including the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb. A statement of the Central Bank, a copy of which was receiv
  22. LINK Headed by Al-Kazemi ... a high-ranking government delegation is on a tour to France, Germany and Britain 18th October, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Sunday, that Governor Mustafa Ghaleb Mechif will participate in the European tour of the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to discuss banking relations and financial investment between Iraq and European countries. The bank said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of, that "the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb, will participate, accompanied by a high-lev
  23. LINK New statement from the Minister of Finance about the white paper 18th October, 2020 Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, stressed the importance of the white reform paper to overcome challenges. "The reform paper diagnosed with a scientific and objective vision the economic and financial problems that have accumulated over decades and that were not the product of the current stage due to wrong policies that were tired in the past," Allawi said in a statement, which was received by Mawazine News. He added, "These problems and cracks are a real challenge that
  24. LINK The Central Bank comments on the comments to reduce the price of the dinar against the dollar 18th October, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq confirms that the statements that have spread recently regarding (lowering the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar) represent the viewpoint of those who stated it and do not represent the official position of the Central Bank, and this was accompanied by a number of rumors released by speculators, which affected the price (temporarily). This b
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