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  1. LINK Kurdish deputy confirms the difficulty of the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil 17:26 - 10/22/2020 On Thursday, a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, on the movement of the new generation, Kawa Abdul Qadir, acknowledged the difficulty of Baghdad and Erbil reaching a comprehensive agreement on financial and oil issues. "The intransigence of officials in the Kurdistan region and the lack of clarity and transparency in the oil files and the issue of border crossings prevents reaching an agr
  2. LINK Al-Kazemi and Prince Charles discuss initiatives to enhance coexistence, community peace and environmental protection 22nd October, 2020 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi discussed today, Thursday, with the Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles, initiatives aimed at promoting coexistence, community peace and protecting the environment. The media office of the Prime Minister said , in a statement received by “Advance” a copy of it, that “Al-Kazemi met, today, Thursday, Prince Charles, Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, Prince of Wales, at the
  3. Pictures: Iraq discusses its economic crisis with 3 influential international parties 2020-10-22 Yes Iraq - Baghdad The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, expressed his happiness at the meeting of Iraq with the Group of Seven and the international criticism to discuss its economic crisis. Hickey said in his post that it is wonderful to see the meeting of the Group of Seven, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament to support economic reform. He ad
  4. Finance Minister: European countries are preparing the White Paper, an ambitious program for comprehensive economic reform in Iraq 2020-10-22 Yes Iraq - Baghdad The Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, announced, on Thursday, October 22, 2020, the support of international organizations and industrial countries for the White Paper. The media office of the Minister of Finance said in a statement: “Allawi confirmed, after his participation in the tour of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to a number of European count
  5. 6 trillion dollars “latent” in Iraqi lands without use: establishing an annual budget for the state for 60 years! 2020-10-22 Yes Iraq: Baghdad The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee said that Iraq possesses 11 billion tons of phosphates and 600 thousand tons of sulfur, which is equivalent to about 6 trillion dollars latent in Iraqi lands if invested and sold globally. Committee member Hassan Jalal Al-Tamimi said that the industrial sector has been suffering from a difficult reality since 2003 until now, due
  6. LINK Mazhar Saleh: I do not worry about the salaries of October 22nd October, 2020 The Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, stated, Wednesday, October 21, 2020, that there is no need to worry about the salaries of employees for the current month of October. Salih told Al-Masalla, "The issue of paying salaries for the current month of October is not a concern, and that the delay will not be as it happened last month," noting that "there is flexibility on the part of the concerned authorities to disburse salaries without delay."
  7. LINK Al-Kazemi: We do not want to be dragged into any conflicts in the region and we boiled over to protect our economy from collapse 22nd October, 2020 The Prime Minister’s Office revealed, on Thursday evening, the results of Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s meetings with Prince Charles and his British counterpart Boris Johnson in London. "The meeting discussed issues of common interest and the development of bilateral relations. It also discussed agreement on furt
  8. LINK Baghdad asks for support from Moscow in 4 sectors and invites it to contribute to increasing Iraqi oil exports to OPEC 22nd October, 2020 On Thursday, the Iraqi Parliament called on Russia to contribute to increasing the ceiling of oil exports to Iraq in "OPEC Plus", and also requested support from it in 4 sectors. The office of the First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Al-Kaabi, said, in a statement received by Shafaq News, that "the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi received the Russian ambassador to Iraq, Maxim Maximov and his accompany
  9. LINK Baghdad and London agree on more cooperation in three areas 22nd October, 2020 The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, met today, Thursday, in the British capital, London, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as part of his European tour that also included France and Germany. A statement issued by Al-Kazemi's media office stated that the meeting discussed issues of common interest, reviewing the overall developments and political and security positions in Iraq and the region, and developing bilateral relations between the two countries in a way that
  10. Iraq is on a date with a law that "reduces" the importance of appointments and the demand for them 2020-10-22 Yes Iraq: Baghdad The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee announced, today, Thursday, that Parliament is about to vote on the law on partnership between the private and public sector, stressing that the law can provide job opportunities and reduce the trend towards jobs. Committee member Yahya Al-Ithawi said, "Parliament is going to vote on the partnership between the private and public sector law,
  11. LINK Representative economics: The partnership law with the private sector will reduce the demand for government jobs 22nd October, 2020 The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee announced, today, Thursday, that Parliament is about to vote on the law on partnership between the private and public sector, stressing that the law can provide job opportunities and reduce the trend towards jobs. Committee member Yahya Al-Ithawi said, "Parliament is going to vote on the partnership between the private and public sector law, as it is one of the most import
  12. Iraq has 600 billion dollars and is not asking about it ... a great possibility to obtain it "for free" and without effort 2020-10-22 Yes Iraq: Baghdad Statements are escalating demanding the return of the smuggled Iraqi money and indicating the government's ambiguous laxity in dealing with this file, especially with the presence of many international indications to help Iraq recover its smuggled money. A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif said, "The federal government has not taken any rea
  13. LINK Al-Tamimi explains the legal way to return the smuggled money 19:39 - 10/21/2020 Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi clarified, on Wednesday, the legal way to return the smuggled and frozen funds outside Iraq. Al-Tamimi said in a statement to "the information", that "the money smuggled abroad, which is estimated at 500 billion dollars, can be recovered through the 2005 money laundering agreement signed by Iraq with the help of a number of countries," noting that "Iraq can benefit from Article 50 of The United Nations Charter to
  14. After a meeting in London that included the Minister of Finance .. Statement of the Economic Contact Group for Iraq 330 Policy 2020/10/22 19:05 Baghdad Today - Baghdad The British Embassy in Baghdad, Thursday, October 22, 2020, published a statement that resulted from the meeting of the Iraqi government and international partners in London today. "The Iraqi government and international partners met today to launch the Economic Contact Group for Iraq, which is an international coalition to support the government of Iraq in pushing for the implem
  15. LINK A close associate of Al-Amiri detonates it: Iraq will witness the formation of its second region very soon 22nd October, 2020 The Al-Fateh Alliance, led by Hadi Al-Amiri, revealed on Thursday the existence of a movement, which he described as effective and strong, that might lead to the announcement of the formation of the Sunni region, and pointed out that this region will be supported by the United States. This talk is in harmony with information revealed by political and parliamentary sources to Shafaq News, about persistent local and regional efforts
  16. LINK Defense Minister from London: Iraq is a strong and secure country, unlike what the media portrays 22nd October, 2020 The Minister of Defense, Jumah Inad, confirmed, Thursday, October 22, 2020, that Iraq is a strong country despite the problems it is going through, while it was shown that it is possible to move around in Iraq safely, unlike what the media portrays. A ministry statement received by Al-Masala stated that during his accompaniment to the Prime Minister an
  17. LINK Kurdistan government clarifies the region’s contribution to implementing Iraq’s commitment to the OPEC agreement 22nd October, 2020 The Kurdistan Regional Government said on Thursday that it has committed to reducing its crude oil production in light of the decisions of OPEC Plus (+ OPEC) meetings at "fair" rates consistent with the quantities of oil produced from its fields. This position comes in response to the statements of Federal Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, in which he said that "the Kurdistan Region still does not contribute to OPEC + cuts,"
  18. The White Paper for Economic Reforms: vision and key objectives 22 Oct 2020 - 2:50 pm The Iraqi government has formally adopted the White Paper for Economic Reforms prepared by the Crisis Cell for Financial and Fiscal Reform. The White Paper is a comprehensive programme that sets out a clear roadmap to reform the Iraqi economy and address the accumulated, decades-old serious challenges that confront it. Iraq’s Deputy Prime M
  19. Comments By MilitiaMan Following The Article ... A member of Parliament Finance sets an expected date for the October salary distribution 6,283 Economie 2020/10/21 18:47 Baghdad Today - Follow-up Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, expected the date for the distribution of salaries for the current month of October, while indicating that Parliament will not stand as a stumbling block in front of the government's request to borrow to secure salaries. Cougar said in a televised interview (B
  20. Representative Economy: The country needs a quick reform card Thursday 22nd October 2020 Baghdad: Morning The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee affirmed the country's need for a quick-implementation reform paper to face the current crisis, stressing the need to develop a clear economic policy to advance the national economy. Member of the committee, Representative Riad Al-Tamimi, said, “Iraq lacks a clear economic policy from 2003 until now. What led to its dependence on oil revenues and the failure to activate the industrial,
  21. LINK Representative Energy: Al-Kazemi's tour to Europe is beneficial for developing the energy sector 21st October, 2020 The Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee confirmed, on Tuesday, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi's tour to Europe will benefit from bringing in sober companies to produce gas and electricity. Committee member Ghaleb Muhammad said, "Al-Kazemi's visit can be used economically by bringing sober and huge companies in European countries, which work in the field of electricity generation and gas and oil extraction - to Iraq," pointing out
  22. LINK Parliamentary economist accuses Baghdad and Erbil of “fabricating” the financial crisis in Iraq 15:23 - 10/21/2020 On Wednesday, a member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, Representative Intisar Al-Mousawi, accused Baghdad and Erbil of fabricating the financial crisis in Iraq. Al-Mousawi said to / the information /, that "the financial crisis in Iraq is contrived and came as a result of the cooperation of the central government with the Kurdistan region in disbursing large sums of money for the l
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