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  1. Welcome To Page 3 Of “ Let’s Bro Iraq - Part 47 & 1/8th “ ! LINK Barzani's party expects a breakthrough in the talks in Baghdad and Erbil and sets a date for the agreement 19:52 - 02/24/2021 The deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Pierre Taher, expected, on Wednesday, that an agreement would be reached between Baghdad and Erbil early next week. "The political blocs continue to insist on their stance not to accept the region's current share in the budget,"
  2. LINK Barzani to the US ambassador: We want correct and effective relations with Baghdad on the basis of the constitution 24th February, 2021 The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, during his meeting with the US ambassador to Iraq, today, Wednesday, considered the strategic dialogue "an important framework for the sustainability of relations," stressing Erbil's readiness to establish correct and effective relations with Baghdad. A statement by the presidency of the region received by Shafaq News stated that "Barzani received today, the US
  3. LINK Allocating one trillion dinars to support the industrial and agricultural sector in the 2021 budget 25th February, 2021 On Thursday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the allocation of two trillion dinars in the current year 2021 budget to support the industrial and agricultural sectors and encourage farmers to support local product A member of the Finance Committee, Siham Al-Aqili, said, in a statement reported by the official newspaper "Al-Sabah" and seen by "Al-Iqtisad News", that "the Finance Committee in the House of Represent
  4. For the first time .. “Parliamentary - governmental communications” to adjust the exchange rate, and a deputy specifies the expected number - urgent Baghdad Today - Baghdad A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad al-Shabaki revealed, today, Thursday, that there is a parliamentary refusal to pass the budget bill for the year 2021 without modifying the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar. Al-Shabaki said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "there are political forces and representatives from different political blocs, workin
  5. And A Great Find By Bro 6ly ! Although He Must Be Getting Dizzy Up There Spinning Around Upside Down During Happy Hour In SandFly’s Helicopter ! Btw - Here’s A Glammed Up Version Of It ... Oil announces the transfer of a copy of the oil and gas law to the Council of Ministers for approval 02/25/2021 00:11 Baghdad today - Baghdad Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Oil announced that it will refer the final version of the draft federal oil and gas law to the Council of Minist
  6. LINK Economist: Every dollar higher in a barrel of oil supports the budget of one trillion dinars annually 19:05 - 25/02/2021 The economic expert, Faleh Al-Zubaidi, confirmed, Thursday, that the rise in oil prices by one dollar saves the budget one trillion dinars annually, which contributes to bridging the budget deficit. Al-Zubaidi said to / the information / that "the government has rushed and made many taxes available in the budget, and Parliament can take it into account before voting after the high oil p
  7. LINK Al-Haddad announces the date of the start of the new legislative term and the mechanism for holding sessions with the outbreak of Corona 02/25/2021 15:48:01 The second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Bashir Al-Haddad, confirmed that Parliament "has not enjoyed its legislative recess, and is still continuing in its current legislative term to approve the federal budget." Al-Haddad said in a statement, "The parliament did not
  8. Corona and modern monetary policy Thursday February 25, 2021 Mustafa Muhammad Ibrahim With the continuing epidemic of the Corona pandemic in all countries of the foreign and Arab world, especially Iraq, which appeared in February of the year 2020, all preventive measures have been taken in order to control the epidemic in the country and reduce its infection cases to the least possible. This epidemic has caused problems, the most prominent of which is the occurrence of economic stagnation due to the suspension of most businesses, especially those with d
  9. CNN. Broadcasting From The Federal Reserve With Tiger At The Wheel ! Federal Reserve payment system crashed, service restored hours later Outage impacted banks, brokers, mortgage lenders, and their ability to transfer funds in large and small sums By Edward Lawrence, Suzanne O'HalloranFOXBusiness The Federal Reserve's system that allows wire money transfers crashed with intermittent disruptions for about two hours on Wednesday. The outage impacted customers, which include banks, brokers and mortgag
  10. What prevents Iraq from issuing an "electronic dinar"? 2021/02/23 18:35 Baghdad Today - Baghdad Member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, MP Nada Shaker Jawdat, said, Tuesday, that there is a major reason preventing Iraq from reaching the stage of issuing an electronic dinar to facilitate the trading and buying operations. In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Jawdat said, "Reaching the stage of issuing an electronic dinar in Iraq, as in other countries, is basically dependent on a real and radical change of the eco
  11. dinarbeleiver IQD IS STOCK IN IRAQS BRIGHT FUTURE Members Idk, But DB Asked The Same Thing A Few Days Ago - And U Can See The Response Above !
  12. Oil announces the transfer of a copy of the oil and gas law to the Council of Ministers for approval 02/25/2021 00:11 Baghdad today - Baghdad Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Oil announced that it will refer the final version of the draft federal oil and gas law to the Council of Ministers for approval. Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail said, in a statement received (Baghdad Today), that "the meeting of the Opinion Committee at the Ministry of Oil, which was held on Wednesday February 24, 2020, included discussion and review of the final
  13. Economist: 80 percent of the monetary mass is distributed among companies and neighboring countries Baghdad today - Diyala The economic expert, Rasim al-Akidi, confirmed, Wednesday (February 24, 2021), that more than 95% of Iraqis do not have confidence in banks, while he indicated that 80 percent of the monetary mass is distributed to companies and neighboring countries Al-Aqidi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), "The Iraqi state, over many years, has not built trust between citizens and financial institutions, especially banks, because
  14. The dollar to 130 thousand in the 2021 budget: the recent rise in oil prices necessitates a return to rapidly lowering the exchange rate! 2021-02-24 The statements about serious efforts to restore the dollar’s exchange rate to its previous position are continuing at the limits of 120,000 dinars per 100 dollar bill in Iraq, accompanied by the “I want a diamond” campaign that swept the social networking site Twitter today to record the top spot in the website Trend. Today, Wednesday, a member of the Parliamentary Economic
  15. “I want a dinari”: An Iraqi hashtag tops the Twitter trend to demand the return of the dollar's exchange rate to 120,000 2021-02-24 Yes Iraq - Baghdad The hashtag # I Want_Dinari Trend is issued on the Twitter platform, as it represents a massive campaign to demand the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Finance to return the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar to 120,000 as it was in the past. The campaign participants complain of the great pressure caused by the exchange rate hike in the past few
  16. Here’s The Latest From The Swami ! The risk of political and economic confusion and its impact on the future of Iraq — the 2021 budget is a model Wednesday 24th February 2021 Dulaimi star First ... the move by the Al-Kazemi / Allawi government to raise the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar to 1145, which no government has made since the US occupation of Iraq until today. The national government is really the one working to strengthen the national currency, th
  17. LINK Talal Abu-Ghazaleh: The Dollar Is America's Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon 24th February, 2021 Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, a great economic thinker, said that digital currencies have no value because the bank does not cover them. Abu Ghazaleh stressed that America will not allow the existence of any other currency that competes with the dollar, and digital currencies are under unannounced American sponsorship. Abu Ghazaleh indicated that America and China are competing for world leadership, and the alternative to the dollar will be the new Chin
  18. LINK The Minister of Trade discusses with the Jordanian Minister of Industry and Supply to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries 24th February, 2021 Minister of Trade, Alaa Al-Jubouri, discussed, on Wednesday, with the Jordanian Minister of Trade, Industry and Supply Maha Ali and her accompanying delegation, the possibility of increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two countries, and the participation of Jordanian companies more broadly in the exhibitions held inside Iraq. The Ministry of Trade stated in a statement that
  19. LINK Al-Kazemi, with a Jordanian delegation: Both countries have serious intention and determination to implement bilateral agreements 02/24/2021 15:06:38 The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received today, Wednesday, an official Jordanian delegation headed by the Jordanian Minister of Public Works and Housing Mr. Yahya Al-Kasbi, accompanied by a number of Jordanian officials and representatives of the Jordanian private sector.
  20. LINK Parliamentary Finance is likely to pass the budget next Saturday after compatibility with Kurdistan 24th February, 2021 A parliamentary Finance Committee almost, on Wednesday, the arrival of negotiations between Arbil and Baghdad to the end point, indicating that the parliament is ready to pass the budget next Saturday. Committee member Shirwan Mirza said in a statement to "Tigris", "The next two days will hold final meetings to resolve the issue of the Kurdistan region’s share of the federal budget for 2021 and confirm it formally and in accord
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