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  1. Fire It Up Engine1 ! And Here’s Another One Where When U Read It - Is Definitely More Glass Half Full Than Davis Chugging It Empty ! LINK Optimism and pessimism ... the Baghdad and Erbil disputes may end the oil boom 9th February, 2021 Optimism about the rise in global oil prices after reaching about $ 60 per barrel, which contributes to addressing the deficit in the Iraqi budget, offset by pessimism due to the lack of solutions between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil, which pushes towards po
  2. What Was That ‘Crude’ Remark ? LINK Economist: There is no justification for the continued rise of the dollar in light of the recovery in oil prices 08:31 - 02/09/2021 Economic expert Wissam Al-Tamimi saw that there is no justification for keeping the dollar high in the local market in light of high oil prices and their recovery, pointing out that the siege of the people must end before the street explodes due to mishandling the citizen’s pension. Al-Tamimi told
  3. Here’s Some Things Above On It Paperboy ! Btw - How Did Weegie Do Taking Over For U While U Were On Vacation ?
  4. LINK Transportation is looking into the electronic collection project and linking it to the RTGS national divider 02/09/2021 17:06:24 Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Transport discussed with the Central Bank of Iraq the electronic collection project and linked it to the RTGS national division. "A joint meeting was held between the Director General of Payments of the Central Bank of Iraq, Duha Abdul-Karim, and the assistants of the Minist
  5. LINK Baghdad government spokesman: The share of Kurdistan will be decided soon 9th February, 2021 The spokesman for the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Hassan Nazim, stated, on Tuesday, that the file of the Kurdistan Region’s share in the federal financial budget will be resolved in the coming days. Nazem, who is also the Minister of Culture, was responding at a press conference in Baghdad to a question by the Shafak News Agency correspondent, stating: That "the Parliamentary Finance Committee made a number of amendments and additions to the draft budget, at a ti
  6. Here U Go (Above) ! And Try Not To Be Too Shocked If U Don’t Reach The Same Conclusions As That Genius Guru Prognosticator ‘So And So’stradamus !
  7. LINK Parliamentary Finance: We are awaiting an official government response before submitting the budget to the vote 13:05 - 02/09/2021 The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Tuesday, that it has assigned Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to hold meetings with the political blocs to pass the budget, indicating that it is awaiting the official government response before presenting the budget. The committee's reporter, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in a statement to / the information / that “what is left in fr
  8. LINK Parliamentary Committee: The current exchange rates of the dollar threaten the lives of the poor and those with limited income 15:38 - 02/09/2021 A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Nada Shaker Jawdat, warned, on Tuesday, of the consequences of the dollar exchange rate remaining as it is, considering this a threat to people with limited income in the poorest governorates. "The committee presented plans and solutions that would enhance the ration card items and the mecha
  9. LINK Parliamentary Finance resumes its meetings to discuss the draft budget law 9th February, 2021 Today, Tuesday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the resumption of its meetings to discuss the draft federal budget bill for 2021. The Information Department of the House of Representatives said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, "The Finance Committee holds its meeting No. (44) at which it will resume its discussions on the draft federal budget bill for 2021."
  10. Movement to develop the Iraq Stock Exchange Tuesday 09 February 2021 Baghdad: Hussein ThugB Empowering the Iraqi market for securities represents the goal of the next stage of the Securities Commission, as the volume of shares circulation is a mirror reflecting the economic activity in the country, and the Commission’s efforts are looking to reach a trading volume of 3 - 5 million dollars per day to be a semi-emerging trading market. The head of the Securities Commission, Faisal Al-Haims, said to {Al-Sabah} «There
  11. He talked about a 90% consensus rate ... a deputy expects the date for presenting the 2021 budget in Parliament Posted 13 hours ago Baghdad Today - Baghdad The MP for Diyala Governorate, Mudar Al-Karawi, talked today, Monday, about an option in the House of Representatives to pass the 2021 budget, while indicating that there is convergence between Baghdad and Erbil on complex files. Al-Karawi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “political consensus is th
  12. GregHi Senior Member Members Wtf Clooney - He Somehow Thinks That He Can Open A Bank ? This Idiot Couldn’t Even Open Up A Frickin’ Piggy Bank With An Entire Stick Of Dynamite !
  13. LMFAO ! 🤣 I Don’t Care Who U Are - WhatsHerName Is The Frickin’ Best Ever !
  14. Lol - So Did I ! Although I Did Originally See It Out On The Forum Somewhere Back At That Time ! Btw - Some Clown May Have Mentioned U Today In The News Section On The ‘Delete The 3 Zeros’ Thread ! Luv Ya My Favorite Italian Brother !
  15. Lol Sage ! Flavor Sage !
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