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  1. One thing I do not really want to see is a Saturday Night Live skit making a mockery of Iraqi dinar investors who are already being humiliated by pumper rumors and non investors. But, I wonder who would play the part of Okie?

    Larry the CableGuy, Get 'er ITS DONE ! :D

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  2. Your right, and I have only been in the investment for 6 years.

    By the way, I didn't neg you. In fact I just +1ed you to even it out. :):)

    Thanks for the +1 rsskelton and LawrenceOf Dinaria. I was referring to myself as the Dumb@$$ Newbie (all of 3 days). I agreed with you on a post earlier today in VIP. My fault for not making myself more clear. Good to know that all the 'Peeps' have got your back.

    Meanwhile, OUCH, I gotta go put some ice on this burn !

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  3. lol, wait till you've been here a while. It gets worse :D:lol:

    Lol. And U have only been on here since January ! Said the Dumb@$ Newbie. :D

    unnecessary roughness ... let the negatives speak for themselves, but we have you on radar.

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