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  1. Longfellow, the tribe has spoken. Turn in your keyboard !
  2. Thanks for the post Plumbob. If it's true then it will quickly be verified by Boots ON The Ground from here on DV. Happy Easter to all of the Troops here and abroad !
  3. Thanks for the post wyakpa. I 'MAY' not be able to resist the urge at some light hearted(headed) lampooning though. Okie does manage to be entertaining although some of the things he says sound like they might be coming from the north end of a south bound cow ! ( Sorry for the lame attempt at an Okie-ism )
  4. Thanks for doing the work of putting all these posts together like this Easy. I like being able to read all of them at once instead of jumping around from post to post where my Swiss Cheese memory usually takes it's toll !
  5. Way to start a Good Friday ! Thanks for the post.!
  6. How about Jon Lovitz Saturday Nite Live character the Perpetual Liar - Tommy Flanagin. Ya that's the ticket ! Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting Easy and bringing over the posts. Ur really getting these fires stoked.
  7. I'm a Newbie also but ( unless u were being rhetorical ) I will try to answer you question. In one of Okies previous posts he referred to 1 of his sources as Nuff. He has used the tag line of 'Nuff said' which is now a catch phrase. I saw that you were responding to Pammy59 who was also launching her 1st post. I like all the different fonts she used. I look foward to more posts from both of ya's.
  8. I just tried checking Shabbi's Facebook status but he wouldn't friend me ( Can you blame him?).
  9. He gave no date and no rate. It's Okie Lite(headed) !
  10. Larry the CableGuy, Get 'er ITS DONE !
  11. I was wondering why we haven't heard from him in the last couple of days. I guess we don't have to put his picture on any milk cartons now. I hope he recovers soon, I enjoy the Okietainment !
  12. I do it without weed. Whenever I go around and tell people that I'm invested in Dinar they just look at me like I'm on drugs, and half the time I'm not even wearing this stupid clown make-up !
  13. It actauly says Friday 20/4/11 which is an incurrect date. Friday is actually the 22nd. Here in the US we write the date with the month first 4/20/11. Some other countries write it with the day first 20/4/11. Hope this helps. I gave ya a +1 to cancel out the negative !
  14. Thanks for the +1 rsskelton and LawrenceOf Dinaria. I was referring to myself as the Dumb@$$ Newbie (all of 3 days). I agreed with you on a post earlier today in VIP. My fault for not making myself more clear. Good to know that all the 'Peeps' have got your back. Meanwhile, OUCH, I gotta go put some ice on this burn !
  15. Lol. And U have only been on here since January ! Said the Dumb@$ Newbie. unnecessary roughness ... let the negatives speak for themselves, but we have you on radar.
  16. Dinar_Eddie U R correct Sir. I was referring to the "Whoopie" question. Idk if that's an Urban Legend + I can't provide a link (What d'ya expect from a dumb Newb?) but another supposed question was, What is a secret about you husband? To which, she replied, That he is embezzling from his company ! Thanks for posting The Newleywed Game clip Bleacherman53 !
  17. That was the episode with Cousin George The Cannibal. That was my favorite one. Spanky shot him in the @$$ with a Roman Candle !
  18. Drops his pants and walks off. Ooops, I think I confused BlondLady's sign off with Okie ! Thanks for posting the Okietainment, Harrysmug.
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