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  1. Tommy Dollar might be a few pennies short of a Buck !
  2. He had me at Hello.
  3. Sometimes when I see these Marathon Chats, I will skip to the bottom 1st to get the Members take on it. Thank You fellow Members so I won't have to spend time today with this post !
  4. And the race to grab Okie's Guru Tiara is on. ! Go Big and then Go Home.
  5. Thx for the post. He did sign his real name. That's pretty stand-up ! I hope he's right about this being the end of the process.
  6. Adam already dispelled this lower denom nonsense earlier this week on the CC. Currency is Currency - Period ( Nuff Said ). Since the writer listed this as Number 1, then hopefully this wasn't his strongest point !
  7. Okie drops the F-Bomb and walks off.......
  8. Eagle One drops the wiener and walks off........
  9. Most of the RV's in Az are parked in the retirement town of Yuma. Ya gotta Luv those Yuman's, unlike some of those " Chippy " Tucson Peeps, at least they've got a sense of Yuma !
  10. Ya gotta Luv the 'Peeps' in Tucson, even if they do suffer from Phoenix Envy !!
  11. Anywhere in Northern Az. I lived in Flagstaff 1 year and it's at 7000 ft. Let's hope it RVs at a great rate so u can live Large !!
  12. Wow, look at all of us Zonies. Hopefully this summer, Post RV, we can escape the heat + be kickin' it InSANeDIEGO ! Last one out of the State, turn off the lights. Btw first round is on Ayahuasca ! ( Sorry Chic, had to do it. U responded to this thread 1st, no tag backs)
  13. Thx for the post jimpickles. Maybe those guys got it in gear hoping that Pelosi will now leave.
  14. Wow, i'm still stunned that someone posted a picture of long lost Cousin JOKIE. And to think that initially I was busting the chops of the author of this Topic over it's Title. Now I think the Mods may have to PIN it as the Bestest Thread ever ! I remember that Cousin JOKIE was born out of wedlock to Aunt Clarabell after an Affair with Ronald McDonald. Jokie's 1st job was as a Carnie traveling the County Fair Circuit. He worked in the 'Dunk The Clown Tank'. I always thought that training would serve him well later in life. I wonder what good old JOKIE is doing nowadays.......
  15. That punishment may be a little harsh on some of the Guru's who are merely delusional and over zealous. But I could certainly see them having to "Smoke a turd in Purgatory" for it !
  16. I'm not sure how much different she will be compared to when Joe ( Speech-Napper ) Biden kept getting sent over. Maybe we'd be better off if they sent Nancy Drew or Nancy Sinatra over but how long can these Chuckleheads keep stalling the seating of the GOI before the next election when the process starts all over.
  17. The copy of this post on dd shows it written with (2) dollar signs together as .... $$.@( Im not sure why it's posted differently over there but I'm calling BullShift !
  18. 'Italy' might also mean 'The Vatican'. Longfellow may be using the DaVinci Code !
  19. Longfellow drops the smart-phone and walks the sound of thunderous applause between his ears.......
  20. WOW !! That's my Cousin JOKIE ! I haven't heard from him in years. Last I heard he had went into the Oil Business......
  21. It's Friday Nite. BEERS ON MY KEYBOARD !!!
  22. I live in the Phoenix area and he mentioned a meeting here. I may have to attend for Entertainment value if nothing else. Of course I will have to put on a different Clown nose so that I don't get recognized !
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