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  1. Well since most of those Guru's like Okie get regularly Tarred and Feathered here then why wouldn't you expect the same? I guess the difference would be that they post from the safety of their own insulated and censored websites whereas you decided to bring a knife to a Gunfight and post in ignorant bliss !
  2. Kang wuts wong wif u? After it RV's, can we ship u back to Uranus?
  3. SHHHHH..... The GAG Me With A Spoon Order is in place !
  4. Pelosi and Biden rode together on the same camel to their meeting at Parliament this morning. After the meeting they went back to the parking lot and there were now dozens of camels parked. Pelosi said, Hey Joe all of these camels look alike. How do we know which one is ours? Biden said, Dont worry Nancy I've got it covered. He then proceeded to walk up to the back of each camel and lifted their tail to look underneath. Pelosi said, Joe, What the hell are you doing? Biden said. Well when we were riding over here I heard somebody say "Hey look at those 2 @$$Holes on that camel !
  5. GOOD gurgle NITE gurgle FISHMAN ! Hey drummerboy. Pass some of that water over to FishMan. He's reeling in the Big RV !!
  6. BluWolf lifts his leg and walks off......
  7. * Guru Updates: Dinar Guru 5/14/11 May 14th, 2011 05:13 pm · Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation) -13-2011 Guru Enorrste We received information from two sources yesterday indicating that Wells Fargo Bank had been notified by the Federal Reserve to gear up for an RV this week. Specifically they were told to be ready to go on the 12th (Thursday) but that the official announcement would be on the 14th (Saturday)…Those who are still thinking June, July, or even August will be shown to be in error, IMO. 5-13-2011 Guru OkieOilMan NOW A CRISP CLEAN REFLECTION OF A CLEAR EVIDENT R/V ANNOUNCEMENT
  8. Either that or a Monkey & a football scenario. In any case I think these Guru's fixate on certain dates as absolute deadlines. How many of them has Iraq missed in the past ? If there were a known deadline then large scale investors would certainly swoop in. I look at some of these dates more as milestones than deadlines. The good news is that they've been making incremental progress as they pass these milestones. Adam said that he feels good about seeing something in June. If it happens sooner then Break Out The Bubbly !
  9. This article was already posted here in Rumors on April 25th titled "Ex-Forbes Japan Correspondent Benjamin Fulford Writes IN His Weekly Report". He is an Extreme Left Wing Conspiracy Theory writer. Look it up if u wish.
  10. The Transcript from Frank's call on Thursday is posted in the Chat Logs Section if anyone wants to read it.
  11. Leave it to a Pumper Guru like Athena to find a button and sew a 7 Dollar Sweater on it. Leave it to a Pumper Guru like Athena to find a button and sew a 7 Dollar Sweater on it.
  12. Thanks for the post Drummerboy. Not that I have my hopes up but please post the names. U may have to be creative to defeat the blocking software. Thx !
  13. Post Size Doesn't Matter ! (Sorry, just Goofin').
  14. In the words of Elmer Fudd..... Be Vewwy Vewwy Quite. We're Hunting RV Wabbits !
  15. Russel reminds me of Okie. They're both in the Oil Business. They both lie unapologeticly. They both seem to be popular yet despised !
  16. He is a bit long winded, to be perfectly Frank.
  17. Thanks for the post CAPT JACK. I had to show this to my teenage son. We both loved it. I found a 30 second commercial. Interestingly named JACKS LINKS. I am such an internet inbred, I had to have my son help me post this video.
  18. Thx for saving me the trip Lambert. I am. Have ya got a question?
  19. Okie's next sequel "HERBIE GOES BANANA'S" !
  20. Don't worry about the fluttering TQueezy, you probably just had an Okie-ism !
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