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  1. It's a contest/giveaway. They're paying to attract members.
  2. Posted Today, 06:38 PM PTR Conference Call 5 25 2011 Please Excuse Typos!Dan: This will be the shortest PTR call ever heard. A lot of good stuff going on today. Brief you guys on some things. A lot of good things in the air. We do want to talk really quick about how fast we think it is happening without dates. Things get so exciting sometimes – many times news that was supposed to happen and didn’t. Chief V sent over a video that I posted in the Horse Corral today. Listen to the names being talked about in this newscast from May 19th. Validates what Iraq trying to accomplish and the big co
  3. DinarThug


    Do they celebrate Memorial Day in Iraq or is there some Muslim Holiday as well ?
  4. Well it is but the Flasher Guru's in Trenchcoats are Everywhere !
  5. Thx for the post nointel I'm not tired of hearing that term as long as it's not every day from the same Pumper Guru !
  6. DinarThug


    Thx for the post DRV I like the way U think KME. I'm ready to kick off the clown shoes and break out the Mountain Dew !
  7. I guess that all the Guru's slept in past 8 O'Clock !
  8. March 17th was St Patty's Day. Strangely I don't remember much.
  9. Thx for the post Z Some call him the Space Cowboy Some call him the Frankster of Luv Some people call Maliki, Maurice...
  10. Thx for the post Spike I wonder if I can check into the WitLess Protection Program ?
  11. It takes me an Hour to cook Minute-Rice.
  12. These Guru's need to have a dress rehearsal. This thing is now starting to resemble a Drunken Kari-OKIE Amateur Hour !
  13. It's now posted over in the Chat Logs Section.
  14. The only things Flashing are Guru's in Trenchcoats !
  15. Can U share ur friends site info or respond with enough of a hint if the software disallows it ? Thx Scooby Doo and good luck with all that Crazy weather going on where U are !
  16. Good point although there is strength in numbers. I'm loosely affiliated with a group of investors here in the Phoenix area and they have been negotiating as a group. I hope that we are all faced with that decision soon !
  17. HaHaHa. That's a good one justin88 and some great info as well. I think that I'm the dumb@r$$ cousin and for me it was comforting to join VIP and gain access to the information being dispensed there. With the Capital investment and the amount of time I devote on this website the expenditure was justified for me. Certainly if and when the time comes I want to make an educated decision. Adam's efforts to provide a path for a Post RV strategy is appreciated but certainly not mandatory. I enjoy the give and take allowed on this Site. Thanks for your Witty and Informative Post. And don't worry
  18. Adam is negotiating with a Bank on behalf of the VIP Members. It's being discussed in that Section. It's interesting to see the Fallout from Ali's departure and the effect on several other sites.
  19. Thx for the posts Easy. Blaino, did U bring Ur glasses? I'm holding up 3 Fingers.......
  20. It sounds like U have better Credentials than Maliki. Do U have an Iraqi Birth Certificate ?
  21. Thx 4 the post Easy. U can always bring back a Good Post on Deja VUesday !
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