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  1. Even though it would squash my punt (note not investment) on the IQD I would actually laugh if they did this. Oh the theatre among the Go Rvérs when told in country only! Lol
  2. All the people who think Iraq can RV like the gurus keep telling them need to admit to a few things to back their position 1- Fact there has never been an RV in the history of the world like what they claim is about to happen. 2 - Iraq is some special case, all the countries before them RDéd but Iraq is some magical exception (they will tell you either Oil or prophecy). You cannot believe in the RV and dispute the two above.
  3. oh brother.....why dont you just cut to the chase and put a link to a dealer instead? Im sorry but you, yes the one suggesting knocking others over the head, are the one who obviously has zero grasp of economics. Because he's Easypumper and hes not interested in economics or anything other than 'zomg RV RV yeehaw'
  4. RRSport

    To Adam

    I know you do Bumper, sometimes I just wish the mods would restrain some of the anti-lopsters who seem intent on purposefully derailing threads,posting irrelevant pictures and taunting other members.
  5. RRSport

    To Adam

    What value is this post? The mods just make mention of playing nice and you throw this junk? Pat yourself on the back. What irks me is the same bunch of trolls stalk the LOP section when its the only place many are allowed to post and seems to be a crew of regulars who come in to the LOP section and cause trouble and it aint the Lopsters!!!! Appropriate moderation would be stopping the people who intentionally try to trash this one section and ruin any logical debate.
  6. What is this gobbledygook? Is English your 5th language? only then can it be excused. How about answering Dinarcks question rather than making some elongated trail of whataboutery. Your answer to the RV possibility is summarized or deciphered in this case as Ýes it can happen just watch Shabbibi'. Wow awesome analysis and thanks for that well thought out response....
  7. Hey dont be upset little fella, a .05 RV is more than youre likely to profit so have another twinkie!
  8. What are you 10? Who aside from children uses 'pwned' even 10 year olds know that is so 2005! Ahhh Caz, smart enough to know to keep sweet the majority but lets rip on his selected targets one by one. If only youd use that intellect to actually debate a subjects merits instead of slinging your mud.... Right on cue the band of merry men most likely on a payroll somewhere will be along to back you up and chase off the bad for business lopsters. Pat on the back, there wont be need for this section shortly and it can be closed after the planned avalanche of RV shills chased the lions out of the village. Ahh well my entertainment is fickle and I have a German car to wash, toora.
  9. Delta never knows what he's talking about so how can we?
  10. Classic symptoms of a Go RV'er.... You fail to grasp the simple economics and outcomes. How about the odds you lose your entire stake unless you fly to Iraq? Did you factor that in or did Okie forget to mention that part? Point is its not a case or either you win or break even just the same way Iraq is not going to do a never seen before in the history of money RV. Apparently Adam went to Harvard??? is this correct?
  11. Genuine question here. Is he verified as such or is he like Okie was supposed to be a high up Oilman moving in powerful circles? Im sure its easy,no pun intended, to post 'Hi im Dr J, i am a chiropractor with 25 years trading' on the internet.
  12. Hi Sanssouci, I wouldnt say its a case of explicitly trusting the CBI but for me personally its me trying to follow logic and history. To me these two both point towards an RD more than a RV. Happy to be wrong but I like to stay grounded.
  13. Yes I used to feel like I wanted to assist them in their quest for answers in this specualtion they got involved in but some people you just cant reach. Like Caz mentioned, its no good being like a reformed smoker preaching the virtues of a healthy life to a smoker, so I guess I think well let them think what they want. Its just sad seeing every crazy scenario or bit of double talk waffle being lapped up by the rumor junkies. Some people are so set in their desire for this to happen they wont entertain the thought of anything but 'Go RV!' These will be the ones that feel their walls have come crashing down around them when Iraq finally completes its RD and they realize the smoke and mirrors was not from the CBI but all from the parties profiting (web site owners,info givers and dinar dealers). If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things. Rene Descartes French mathematician & philosopher (1596 - 1650)
  14. Brush up on your reading my friend this has been discussed many times in here. There wouldnt be a single regular in the LOP section that thinks Iraq is currently in a state of hyperinflation. They WERE ina state of hyperinflation,past tense, hence their current need to RD and get rid of the annoying 000's on their currency. This section contains those with the best grip on economics on the entire forum. The only way they can be wrong is if Iraq does some one of kind never seen before solution and who knows maybe they will. Its never been done before so historically it is logical to assume this Iraq situation will result in an RD. It just follows simple logic really in my opinion.
  15. Snowboarding again maybe? or at the football.
  16. OMG really? How can Donald Trump afford to spend 300k on dinar? wow!
  17. Cmon man, surely this fascination with the LOP section will either fade or you decide to debate properly? I know theres some mud slinging goin on occasionally but what happened to 'rise above' and all that? Ive yet to see one person who seems sure the RV is going to happen step up to debate Jagerson. To me that speaks volumes.
  18. John Jagerson: So Bondlady what were you going to debate with me? Bondlady: Well with the strength of the Chinese Yen they will..... Jagerson interrupts: Errrr the Yen is the currency of Japan, Chinas currency is the Yuan. Leans over to secretary John Jagerson:Who the hell set me up with this idiot?!
  19. So Bondlady doesn't even know that the Yen is Japanese but is a dinar Guru?
  20. Just so I understand, there is only 3 trillion IQD inside Iraq that has a population of 30 million people. 3 trillion divide by 30 million population gives each Iraqi citizen a maximum physical dinar of 1 million IQD (USD$860). US$ 860 per citizen doesnt seem like much? Thats not factoring in the top 20% of the population who are wealthy and hold hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars worth of IQD. Countering that is the poor masses who obviously dont hold much cash. Still seems an odd figure.
  21. Nonsense that's twisting reality to suit your desired outcome.
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