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  1. Most everyone in the US who has a cell phone generally has a g-mail account set up when you activate it so go to your settings and change it to that! I myself have hot-mail since the beginning never had a problem.. GO RV!
  2. I gotta question not sure where to ask. I've heard there are 5 different currency's that are supposed to RV! Does anyone here know which ones & are supposed to RV about the same time as the Dinar?
  3. I'm so glad god me this opportunity to be in this group! THANKS Adam for all your hard WORK! I have made a little since I began long road to retirement. My first $Mil I bought was less than $600! GOOOOO RV!!
  4. I admit I don't do enough reading in this forum, so i may have dumb question that already has an answer. Adam said something at the beginning of this thread about the Dinar notes. Quote:This is no different than why the CBI is going to put a mandatory "Cash In" period on the old (current) notes. They have to mitigate their business just like I do. ) I'm worried which notes and are mine ok?? I'm sorry Adam if the answer to this has been covered! Thank you.
  5. I pray we make it to the bank soon! Thanks Adam for everything!
  6. I've missed something I guess. If they do this what happens to the money I have? Sorry if this was explained elsewhere.
  7. Same here in Texas, it's been going up & down a little but holding around $3.25.....pray it RV's soon!!!
  8. Nevermind it was just a DREAM!
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