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  1. Mayors Against Illegal Guns Campaign ( offers some solutions. These include a criminal background check for every gun sold, a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and making gun trafficking a federal crime. A ban on handguns must be added to this list. Why? Because when this was done, as evidenced by such countries as England, Germany and Australia, gun deaths dropped dramatically. I think you need to take a look at the history of those countries before you post these kind of statements. This statement is false, in fact crime went up dramatically when guns got banned in each of these countries.
  2. IF I remember correctly it was the same way on friday with no change but not sure if friday was a work day for them.
  3. Any news on this? I have been trying to find info on it all morning.
  4. Just so we are clear this is the reason why people are protesting not cause they are lazy it's because they lost their homes and these @#!% get this kind of bonus. Nothing will change until people start doing some thing dramatic not just vote or protest.
  5. I don't think some people understand what these protest are about and who it contains. I for one would think they are people like me that are pissed at the government for taking money from the corperations (lobbiest) to make their regulations slim to none. I own two companies one is a construction company I had 7 crews working over time to keep up with the demand at the end of 2008 now down to myself and two other people, the other is retail that was doing ok but went down to almost nothing. I'm 30 years old and have a family I have never been on any kind of welfare and have worked for every thing I have. Our government has taken away my kid's collage education because of letting the greed infiltrate our represenitives and it's to the point that I don't see the country pulling out of this. Some people call these protesters lazy and want every thing for free well mabe some but I'm sure there are people like me that lost every thing do to banks and other corperations. For every one that didn't lose their buts in 2008-2009 you are lucky but you might want to stop and think cause this isn't over yet and you might be the next, and you could be the person down on those streets being called lazy because you lost every thing. GO USA 1776 If you want to protest and can't stand in the street all day fly your US flag up side down (means post under distress if you didn't know)
  6. It also states that you shall not judge but I guess you missed that part huh? Go ahead keep talking and quoteing the bible but your just making an a$$ of your self.
  7. Greenlatern WOW!!! It's christians like you is why I don't believe in your religion, I have met many like you partray yourself in this conversation. The very book you speak of and live by you don't follow all the way now I must admit I have not read the hole bible but I believe some were in that book is states the you should forgive sins that people do ( I'm not saying be *** is a sin ) and treat people like you would want to be treated but you don't you are the first people to go on a witch hunt for people that don't follow the bible, but you don't follow it all the way yourself. So please tell me why it's ok for you not to follow the bible in certain ways and not anyone else? Just so everyone is clear I'm not saying all christians are like this but some are. By the way most doctors believe that homosexuality is genetic so if you have children there is a certain percent chance that you children could become homosexual just saying. I don't agree with any life style being forced upon anyone but I'll tell you this if you block your kids from knowing about homosexuality while their young they will be in a big shock when the real world hits them. Best thing to do in my opinion is to teach your kids your religous beliefs and let them be their own judges on it. If I have learned anything being a parent it is not to hide things from my kids but to teach them there are many different ways of life and what I hope that they become and I truely hope that they are not as norrow minded as you.
  8. I guess were I'm coming from is this is America and every one has the Freedom of choice and some people choose to be homosexual and that is their choice, my point was if you don't like the fact that they have that choice I know other countries like Africa don't give that freedom. As to the *** communtity forcing their life style on kids thats a good question but I do remember when I was in school they cramed christianality in my face. I do have my own beliefs in the greater powers but I don't read the bible. Being a homosexual may not be normal but what is normal I don't know, do you? Just so we have an understanding I do believe that you have the right to voice your opinion and concerns as does everyone. I was never trying to say you can't have an opinion I was just stating that everyones opinion counts even theirs. My last statement, I have 5 kids my self and I try to make sure that they are open to many beliefs so they them selves can choose which beliefs they want to believe in.
  9. I don't think you *** bashers really understand what this country stands for or how it started. This country got started by people that believed in religions that were not acceptable in another countries so they packed their bags and found a new home where they can believe in what they want with no persecution. Now you’re going to say that what they believe in can't happen here, if you don't like it here why don't you pack your bags and head to Africa I here that they don't like gays either. But here in the USA everyone should be FREE!!! to choose their own sexuality and what they believe in. Thanks now lets hear what you got to say because I'm sure you'll bash me for saying this and by the way I am not *** just some one who believes in what this country used to stand for.
  10. I completely agree with you, the big question is how to fight what is going on. I have spent countless hours trying to come up with that answer, it has gone on for so long I don't think it can be fixed peacefully and with just words. I think it would take most of the American people to fight back to make a difference, fearfully what I'm saying is another revolution. But I don't think that most people are up for that task. Something must change like you said or our founding fathers will have fought for nothing and we can not let that happen.
  11. I understand that this group of people where just trying to get a rise out of the situation, but the fact still remains the this is suppost to be a free country and this is just another right that was taken away from the American people. I truely don't see the harm in dancing any where. Just to be clear I do not support what this group did but I do agree that our goverment is taking our rights away day by day.
  12. To our TROOPS, We shall take care of YOU; Your service will not be taken for granted. 1.We will make sure you get the medical benefits that are needed physical and or mental for life without question and do so promptly. 2.We will also protect freedom and the constitution that you fight for with the up most importance so your sacrifices are not in vain. 3.Every service member shall not owe any taxes ever. 4.America shall take care of your families to the fullest extent as you have taken care of ours. 5.We will pay our service members better during and after their service. 6.If a service member gives the ultimate sacrifice it is our duty to help their families in any way possible no matter what. 7.We shall ask our service members only to defend our country and not to wage war when unnecessary. This list should be in our constitution and or our laws; I ask our government elect make it happen and to bring our troops home. I am a Patriot and I stand behind our Flag for what it represents and I wave that flag for our troops. I am proud to be called an American along with our courageous service members past, present and future. I truly hope that our government elect gets on the same page for they have gotten off the path. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR SERVICE MEMBERS PAST, PRESENT AND FURURE!!! I SALUTE YOU ALL
  13. Thanks for the post. But what can we do about it? At election time they say anything to get our attention and when they win it's the same old crap all over again.This happens every time.
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