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  1. Lots of good advice. Thanks Machine!...but what if I wait for someone I hug to let go first and they read this too and do the same? How long do you hug before it gets awkward? lol
  2. But until he ran for President, his "experience with Democrats" was limited to those in Congress. Now, he says Obama should "look instead" to those that put them there.
  3. Trump says he will undo Imam Obama's executive orders, soon after taking office. I hope he also unseals the Kenyans records.
  4. 1 out of 3 Clinton supporters are just as Stupid as the other 2.
  5. As Newt Gingrich said... You have Republicans willing to offend a few people to save American lives and you have Democrats willing to allow more Americans to die, so as not offend anybody. That about sums it up. PC has got to go.
  6. Now, if they only had to disclose how much they paid career politicians for screwing the people all over the world. That would be useful information.
  7. Hey people, some are mixing the definition of a "flag" and the design of shoes. Sarah didn't tie "flags" around her feet, she simply wears shoes of the same color and design of a "flag". Big difference. Ask yourself... what is a "flag"? Here's the answer... A flag is a piece of fabric (most often rectangular or quadrilateral) with a distinctive design that is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or as decoration. The shoes Sarah wore are neither rectangular nor quadrangular.
  8. The man speaks the truth. Hey Dog! You're right. Obama has been the best gun salesman in the world. Not only has the bastard doubled the national debt of 43 other Presidents combined, he's more than doubled gun sales too.
  9. Chris Rock said it best...(paraphrased) There won't be any cures for major diseases...There's no money in the cure...the money's in the comeback.
  10. I once heard and saw a Concorde while on a golf course north of Dallas years ago. When I heard this extremely loud noise, I looked around and then up as it was heading towards DFW airport. It was flying low and slow, but the noise was tremendous. Only time I ever saw one. I heard flying in one is very smooth and quite while at cruising speed. The sound of the engines is way behind the plane.
  11. Good one shabs! But as we know...the Dems that find the polls...will vote enough times to make up for the lost and the dead. lol
  12. I saw a recent poll...1 out of 3 Hitlery Clinton supporters are just as dumb as the other 2. I'm for anyone but a career politician. Trump, Cruz, Carson or Fiorina. Anyone else and we'll get the same ole career politician crap. I'm staying home on election day, if the choice is another career politician.
  13. I've learned that 1 out of 3 Hitlery Clinton supporters are just as dumb as the other 2.
  14. Imagine that...who would be the recipient of these organs?...Jihadist willing to have an infidels organs placed in them or do they sell them to infidels to help save their life. Like wiping before you poop, it don't make sense.
  15. If a kid in a New York or California school drew a picture of Oklahoma, the ATF and FBI would be called in and he'd probably be arrested and banned from school. Silly Libs, their so f'd up. lol
  16. Bigwave, sounds like you'd be welcome here in Texas. We don't really care what state you're from, we care more what state of mind you have. If it's blue stay where you are. If it's red...saddle up or hitch up your wagon and come on down...oh and don't forget your guns. We see a lot of bumper stickers that say "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could." We can reserve one for you.
  17. Africa's big...but Africa's not a's a continent. A comedian once stated...while driving across country...he was driving through Louisiana, as he came to the state border of Texas he saw a sign that said El Paso, Texas 937 miles, he thought now that's just braggin'. lol
  18. God knows I love Texas! The sad thing is... dumb, stupid, Liberal Democrat's have been moving here because the state they move from has failed under Demoncrats. Yet they vote for the same stupid, ignorant, Liberal policies that totally screwed up their states. That shows how down right STUPID Demoncrats are. Leave a state because of economic stupidity. And vote for the same stupidity you left. Stupid is, as Stupid does, never made more sense. Democrats move to Texas, wanna prove you're not stupid, quit voting for the stupid s*** you voted for in your F'd up state. I don't expect it, you're too stupid.
  19. That will be the best sequel to the f rated, freaking horror show we will have endured for eight looong years. Can't happen fast enough.
  20. Well said zzztop...The more I watch and see who's against him (even the GOP Hacks), the more I'm for him. He could possibly be the one that can and will expose all the corrupt and vile political class, that the majority of Americans say they despise. Go Trump!
  21. The Whitehouse should refrain from speaking of disqualifications...the head Imam in the Whitehouse wasn't qualified to run a convenience store when he usurped the office and after 7 years, he's still under qualified.
  22. Thanks Moose for your 4000 post milestone. Most all of them have been a pleasure reading. You have a knack for some of the most humorous post that I have enjoyed. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to more from you.
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