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  1. A proper quote from Newt Gingrich... "You have Republicans willing to offend a few people to save American lives and you have [Demoncrats] willing to see more Americans die, so as not offend anybody." Political Correctness has got to GO! Never back down from the Pu C left. I don't give a dayum what those idiots like or don't like.
  2. They're multiplying like rabbits on purpose. They intend on taking over the world and will...thanks to idiotic political correctness that the insane, stupid, cumbaya left are pushing. Now, in the EU, they are calling people racist, if they fight the rapist, rabid animals from the middle east. Yes that's how these Islamic rabid animals act. We in the U.S. know what to do with rabid animals and will do it, should or when the time comes. The leftist, brain dead, might not want to get in the way. But then again, they are braindead. Oh well.
  3. She's just sucking up to Obuttho, hoping he won't allow the inJustice department to prosecute her criminal teletubbie azz.
  4. I agree with you Machine. Things aren't looking good... Watch "The Economic Collapse Is Here! Ships Have Halted Their Sails -- First Time In History!" on YouTube
  5. Just what we all should expect from an Obama/Clinton/Sanders, leftist, liberal, Socialist, Communist, Democrat run government. "You didn't build that" like the idiot said. These people are nuts and the true enemy of America. Vote Trump! Make America Great Again.
  6. Well, hopefully, at least more than half the country. The most stupid among us are for either a self proclaimed Socialist or a self serving, career criminal-politician. I know...redundant, right?
  7. Hitlery and Cigar boy should share a cell. Bill being locked up with the Hag 24-7 would probably be considered cruel and unusual punishment, but they both deserve hard time for betraying America.
  8. Okay, I admit it took me a minute to figure out what the heck it was all about, but now I got it. I just don't think I can look at an ale quite the same way any more. Thanks a lot Moose. lol
  9. Looks like the sorry azz Liberals have taken over Iraq. Shout a warning...REALLY? Being Pu-C in war will get the wrong people killed.
  10. Got both of them, like it should happen...hooray! Love stories with a happy ending. I pray for his mothers full recovery.
  11. Ayatollah Obama will probably invite the boy and his family to our Whitehouse, to once again show his Muslim sympathies.
  12. Lock her azz up and throw away the key, already! If they can't prosecute her, they shouldn't be able to prosecute anyone ever again. Hitlery supposedly tweeted...No bank should be too big to FAIL and no person should be too big to JAIL. Let's see if she's finally right about something.
  13. Good one Moose! are quick with the great pics...they always crack me up. lol
  14. So New Yorkers came together when attacked. So did Oklahomans. still Cruz is right. New York has been a bastion of Liberalism, gayism, abortionism and downright Un-American values. They vote for every vile Anti-American for President. ie Obama, Clinton...abortion, taking GOD out of school, etc. etc. etc. Yet because they came together as humans, they somehow are the poster children for America...give me a break. They have been so dumbed down, they aren't even tought American history anymore. Common Core anyone? I just need to stop...I understand what Cruz meant...wholeheartedly.
  15. Larry the Cable Guys dad was a gynecologist. He retired early because he developed tunnel vision.
  16. I never watch that idiot speak. However, I did get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I heard the words...this is Obama's LAST State of the Union Speech...Thank God! This will be a looong year.
  17. Way to do it! 3 out of 3 would have been even better. But she did what she needed to do to save her self and her kids.
  18. Well, I'm thrilled to call Greg Abbott my Governor! "COME AND TAKE IT!" All Red States should secede from the corrupt U.S. together.
  19. I wonder why anybody pays attention to Imam Obama's executive orders, since they are illegal. Why do people worry about that illegal POS. He CANNOT MAKE LAWS. Only CONGRESS can. I don't even pay attention to his ILLEGAL "ORDERS". WHY DOES ANYBODY? Can someone explain what I'm missing?
  20. "Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions." --James Madison
  21. My other and now new motto, next to "COME & TAKE IT!"..."BLACK GUNS MATTER" it! lol...Love my Gov. Abbott!
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