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  1. Use to have to pay .50 cents a ticket to see these freaks in a tent at the fair. Now, they're all over the place. The first time I heard one say they came out of the closet, I wouldn't open my closet for 2 weeks. Me and the boogie man under my bed became good friends. I think I need to take a vacation to North Carolina to show support for common sense.
  2. Great Americans of yesteryear. Ask a group from Hollyweird today to sing the National anthem...they'd probably break out singing "Himno Nacional de Venezuela".
  3. GO TRUMP!!! A lot of the writers adjectives used to descibe Trump, fit Obuttho to a tee. After 7 1/2 years of a wuss in office, a real man scares the panties off of the left. lol Go Trump!!!
  4. Your reading comprehension sux...No where, in what I said, did I try to "educate" you. It was an observation that I figured was simple minded enough for even you to pick up on. OK, I figured wrong, gave you more credit than you deserve. Thanks for pointing that out. My IQ is just fine, although, I needed to lower it a bit to read your usual, self serving, sterile syllables you usually attempt to direct at people more educated than yourself. Have another BV and go sleep it off Sport. PS...I still feel sorry for you.
  5. Just saw a poll where 4 out of 5 Clinton supporters... are just as STUPID as the other the other 1. Side note...I feel sorry for people that stupid, really. Clinton is a bona-fide, self serving, lying criminal and yet, stupid idiots, still vote for that tub of crooked lard. Who doesn't feel sorry for brainless people that stupid? How do they function on a daily basis? I really want to know. I can't lower my IQ enough or rap my head around the fact that she's even in consideration.
  6. One thing is for certain...nothing will change, unless, those that are pissed off at the party and the system...VOTE ALL ENCUMBANTS OUT OF OFFICE!
  7. I'll answer your stereotypical question. About the same as the gun to goat screwing ratio in Arizona.
  8. Supporters of Trump should answer those ads. Get paid to cheer for Trump. Pretend to the idiots that you're not a Trump fan and get PAID to go to his venues. SWEEET!
  9. I'll run down and have mine checked ASAP...If I don't return for a few months don't worry about me, I'll be eating three squares a day, working out, watching movies and just hangin out with my new cell mates...I mean roommates. lol Wonder how well this will work. haha
  10. Okay...we all know how the Clintons play on words..."what the definition of IS, IS" I could see her using the fact that the code says "shall forfeit HIS office". She would probably say...'Well, it refers to HIS, it doesn't say "or HER" office. It depends on what your definition of HIS is.' Wouldn't put it past the Beast.
  12. Dumbass Commie will give his new Commie play pal everything he wants. Just sit back and watch
  13. Why the police, or anybody, would expect backing from a THUG is beyond me. The POS in the Whitehouse is just that...A THUG...he's one of them. Don't expect anything more from this POS...He's been soooo bad from the beginning, I haven't the words to describe scum like him. Don't get me started. lol
  14. My sentiment EXACTLY! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dayum brainwashed fool and /or "useful idiot".
  15. "I wasn't thinking straight"? Isn't that what every Demoncrap said after voting for Obuttho? Nah, they were to stupid to come to that conclusion, Hitlery and Bernie are proof of that. Too bad they can't be jailed for persistant stupidity.
  16. It stands to reason that the Ku Klux Klan would support the Democrats. The Democrats started the KKK.
  17. tou·ché...people who haven't caught on to who's in bed with whom, haven't been paying attention. Thank God, many have awakened. Trump is a take no prisoners kinda guy, I love it. Either he is the real deal or the greatest political con artist in modern times. I believe the former. I have personally met Trump Jr. at a game ranch in central Texas over a weekend. He was so down to earth and such a gentleman's gentleman, well mannered and humble. You could tell he was raised well. If I hadn't known who he was before hand, I would never have known he was a multimillionaire or the son of a billionaire.(other than nanny in tow) Donalds success as a father, transcends his business success. If only more people understood this, he could walk into the Whitehouse unapposed. I love the guy and give him my unbridled support. Yet, I reserve the right to be wrong. For now, I'm all in for Trump.
  18. The banksters will be more than happy to make a loan. That's what they both sides in wars they cause.
  19. You're right and Trump wants to give the business of education back to the states, where it belongs. It will be harder for the Leftist Commies to indoctrinate the children, if the Dept. of Education is disbanded. Yep...but "A country boy can survive."
  20. Figures the media and politicians are blaming Trump and his supporters. When in reality we know it's the Liberal pieces of fecal matter that are causing the ruckus. Without the stinking, low life, indoctrinated, uneducated, lefts useful idiots, there would be no problems at Trumps rallies and not so much in America for that matter. It figures that that is Obuttho community organized territory.
  21. I'll stick with Trump to the end. As it seems the groups mentioned above are all out to bring him down. He must be the one that will upset the status quo. I won't waver because of anything said against him by the Parrots on the news channels, nor the career political class. I've never cared much for Louis Farrakhan but I like what he had to say about Trump. Watch "LOUIS FARRAKHAN ENDORSES DONALD TRUMP (2016)" on YouTube
  22. There it is folks. The indoctrinated, uneducated, ignorant, "useful idiots" of America. What a shame. Life's must be even harder when you're stupid and uninformed.
  23. We should delete the deceased from the Democrat voting rolls.
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