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  1. Morning Sunshine I have said, all along, that they (whomever they are) purposefully devalued their currency. They will purposefully revalue it... IMO.. On another note, I saw on National news where Hilarious, aka Hillarious, was in Viet Nam yesterday.. She left Bill at home to look after the dong!! :lol: Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Dame
  2. Sorry baby but that ship has sailed
  3. Do You think this is the so called October Surprise?
  4. The use US currency for just about everything, because their currency has so little value....
  5. I'm in close proximity to you Flooding is pretty bad over here I saw what looked like a part of someones dock go by a while ago... Where is that damn RV???????? Regardless of what all the sensible people I know tell me, I still believe .... We shall see Dame
  6. SWFG are you getting hammered over there by the storm or for any other reason :lol: Dame
  7. I don't think that's possible. Isn't that the island that one of the zillionaires from Microsoft or Apple bought last week? As for Chapter 7, in one of the reports, either the CBI or the IMF, it clearly stated that chapter 7 had to be released before Iraq could move the decimal three places to the left in regards to their currency. Cool beans I agree with you 100%. There's been more shuffling and reshuffling from these so called gurus than one can keep up with. The names and locations have been changed to protect the not so innocent....... Dame
  8. Bought mine from TD Bank, and they guaranteed me a buy back or exchange. Maybe they were referring to banks today. A lot of banks have stopped selling Dinars.
  9. Every time crap hits the fan about Maliki or something doesn't go his way, there's always some kind of terrorist attack assassinations or bombings. I don't think that's a coincidence Talk about an evil distraction...IMO Dame
  10. Sorry baby not even close I bought mine from TD they were so curious they bought some Agreed to buy mine back anytime I wanted to exchange them out. This was through most of last year. Dame
  11. This is the part I believe is a huge scam. For every riduclous post or thread that comes up, Do you people get paid every time we click on your post?, and is this the reason people keep posting bait that one might want to read pertaining to the dinar, .. but really is nothing more than useless information?
  12. I personally don't see this as a positive from an investment point of view. The Gulf States AKA the GCC, have been talking about having one currency, same as the European Countries with the Euro.. A complete change of currency will certainly enhance most of the Middle Eastern Countries and their People, and really that's what this whole Arab uprising should be about...Freedom, Democracy, and the basic essentials of everyday life. Although,.... The European Countries are scrambling right now ... This thing could drive a person cuckoooooo. Dame
  13. DAME1


    Well big guy if you research my posts I've never been here until today I won't be back This is an investment forum not a music forum, but if your making money what the hay.... xoxo
  14. DAME1


    Umbertino I feel like Im on ITunes Still try to figure out what this has to do with the dinar.... Be mad at me if you want it's overkill. Dame
  15. Are you part of the occupy wall street protresters? We are all trying to make money
  16. Hahahahahahahaha I really want some of what he's on :lol:
  17. The dollar is their currency of choice until the new Arab currency is agreed upon . One currency for most of the Arab nations just like the Euro. I don't like it, but it looks like that's where it's headed. IMO Dame
  18. I'm sure your a nice person I don't understand why you continue to post garbage from the gurus Dame
  19. Thank you Sheepdog I read the same thing in the IMF report. All the pieces to this puzzle need to fit. Sanctions lifted, debts paid,Carbon Law, etc... I am very encouraged by what I read and realize that one must have patience with this investment. The Dinar is not an Internationally traded currency "yet". It is the hope of Iraq and the IMF that this process will take place. Building a Country takes time. The IMF rate is locked in at 1170...From what I've read the CBI intends to move the decimal 3 places to the left when the Country and the economy are stable, or raise interest rates so that the dinar can appreciate gradually. This is a long shot at best. If and when this happens, it will certainly be bittersweet. So many of Gods people have died in vain. Dame
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