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  1. Found the block, took the quiz, with the boxes checked it out me in an infinite loop of back to question one and two never letting me be done
  2. Does anyone know if there is a difference between pre & post 2014 dinar? I recently heard pre2014 is back by oil and post isn’t. Just looking for some info, sounds a little far fetched to me.
  3. link to back up "news"
  4. Economics Budget released before parliament endorsement Thursday, February 25, 2010 11:48 GMT Iraq Ministry of Finance said today that it launched the federal budget for 2010 with a ratio of 10% before being endorsed in the parliament. Meanwhile, a member of the board in Baghdad Investment Committee said that the investment budget of Iraq for this year is late. Iraq Minister of Finance Baker Jaber Al Zubaidi uttered that the Ministry of Finance issued recommendations since January to release Iraq federal budget. However, this is the first time in Iraq the ministry calls to release the budget e
  5. Come on Possum....need a new fishing boat...hope that you are right
  6. BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Central Bank defended its policy to withdraw cash for inflation by the deletion of zeros from the currency in front of his critics as a policy of "progressive" long-term, most critics regarded as a unit, which the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister "in vain" would cost the budget a lot to no avail real. This is because the appearance of the central bank adviser Muhammed Salih Al-economic policy of the central bank for withdrawing cash from the local market to "inflation suffered by the money supply, which rose from 25 billion dinars in 1980 to 23 trillion d
  7. I will have what you are drinking....make it a double
  8. It would do a lot of people some real good.
  9. Looking forward to a Great holiday season, what ever you celebrate. After all it is going to be a great day after the RV
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