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  1. I'm a lopster, I own Dinar. I just got frustrated and posted some things that landed me here. (A lot of things) LOL! I still believe in an RV, I'm now just reading the News/Dinar section to keep up to speed on what's happening over there. I hate to see Iraq in so much turmoil knowing that is has postponed any type of RV, wether it be little of large for what could be many more years. I'm just waiting!
  2. WOW!!! After reading your post Markinsa I guess I do belong here. I was being much more negative than I realized. I guess this ride has been getting to me. I feel (for myself) an attitude adjustment is in order. I apologize to all that had to put up with the BS that I was spewing from those nevative posts.
  3. That Rock Lobster (Lopster) Dance was hilarious!!! I want to personally thank SgtFuryUSCZ for your support. It was a wonderful ride here in DinarVets. IMHO I continue to see things being written that are far worse than what I had wrote that got me banished to the Lopster Tank, but what the hell. I suppose Since my plea went all the way to the top (Adam) and was declined that I have no other choice than to sit back, read others posts and pray for an RV to happen sometime in the near future. Thanks again SgtFuryUSCZ!!! And I want thank both you and SnowGlobe7 for making my day by with t
  4. I believe in the RV! Just got banished here due to a bad day. Said some things that hit a nerve and got a mod a little upset. If anyone say's I don't believe in this investment, then I know a worm place they can go for a long vacation.
  5. So Bumper64, Since I started this thread and you liked it, Do I get any brownie points that will maybe get me released from the tank? LOL! Thought maybe worth a try?
  6. Might as well have fun with it then, hence the new profile pic.
  7. Has anyone ever been released from the LOPster tank for good behavior? Just wondering.
  8. Sorry everyone, normally I'm a very positive person. Not trying to make excuses, but I was having a REALLY bad day personally when I posted my negitive opinion. I have evey intension on continuing to follow DV, why? Because it's the best place to get Iraqi news and Dinar information.
  9. How did this happen, I'm not the only one with an opinion, yet, here I am. Very sad that freedom of speech is not allowed in DV. Very sad indeed. The possibily of getting no return on the investment is very possible, thats all I said. Hmmm I'll probably be deleted for this, so good luck everyone and GO RV!!!
  10. Nope, not looking for financial/currency advise from anyone. Just a little worn out. I think its my PMS week.
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