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  1. So that was YOU on the plane the other day!
  2. I think your friend might have OD'd indeed....obamma doesn't decide what taxes are going to be - congress does!
  3. Saved, I believe PVS and Riley are grazing in other pastures now, so there's no harm done. Looks like you got the page started, though, there's some good questions already posted!
  4. I hear ya on the negativity. Unfortunately society has become that way in recent years. Gone are the days when people could be considerate and positive toward each other. One other good thing about the VIP section I didn't mention is that there is no negativity there. When questions are asked, they are answered in an adult and friendly way. I haven't seen even the first hint of a bash or negative comment toward another person. Everyone there is really concerned about helping each other during this roller coaster ride. Sign up for it if you can! You'll be glad you did.
  5. TQueezy, that was a good post. But I get the impression that you are growing frustrated by the lack of concrete information available on the forums, as most of us are to some extent. As I read the various posts on DV, it becomes evident that there IS NO real information, only conjecture some of which is believable and a lot of which is obviously false. Some people are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame by making the crazy claims they make. On the flip side a few folks are sincerely trying to put together the bits and pieces that are in the news as well as what's found on the internet, posting what they, in good faith, believe is good information. But no one can give us what we really want to hear - a solid predictable plan on the Iraqi government's part as to how they are going to implement their future. My point is - don't let this thing rule your life. Use this website for its entertainment value and if you get some good info along the way then it's a good thing. When the RV happens, it will happen. I have simply made my dinar purchase, put them away, and will go on with my life until they make good, whatever good may come. As for the VIP section of this site, Adam gives absolutely no more RV insight there than he does on the free forums. It's my opinion that he could get into legal hot water if he were to make the wrong statements, so he makes very few. Even those statements are vague for that reason. More of his take on things comes from his Wednesday chats than anywhere else here. The VIP section is like a school, simply giving members information on Post-RV tax and investment strategies. I'm no economist nor have I ever invested in anything other than real estate, so the information there has helped me begin to understand how to use the economic tools available to anyone who wants them. I don't plan on getting filthy rich on this investment, but whatever comes of it I want to make the best use of for the rest of my life. I DON'T want to lose whatever I get out of this because of poor planning. Keep your feet on the ground and your head on your shoulders my friend!
  6. Adam's VIP program is purely Post-RV strategies, including negotiated cash-in rates with certain banks for VIP members. Adam can't release information on which banks until the time comes (for obvious reasons). Those who are VIP members at the time of RV will receive the benefits of years of hard work on Adam's part not only of cash in rates but investement strategies, tax expert assistance, etc. As far as bank cash-in windows, I don't believe anyone can predict that until the RV occurs. Even then it may be a constantly changing thing. Point is, no one knows right now. Personally, I hope the window is a long one, I hope to cash in a little at a time depending on rates of course. Hope this answers your question! BTW, the minute RV occurs, the VIP program will no longer accept new members. The time to get in on it is NOW, before it's too late. There is a vast wealth of information there that will help members that want to make best use of their money make the right preparations before the RV.
  7. Don't you file a Fed income tax return every year? Because a state has no income tax doesn't have anything to do with the federal tax system. The state I live in has no income tax either, but I managed to let Uncle Obama keep 12% of my income last year.
  8. The Philippines. We had a 99 year lease on two bases, in the late 80's they demanded we leave and turn over gov't land to them, so we did. I know, I was there. Guam. In 1995 they demanded the Navy leave the air station and turn over gov't land to them, so we did. I know, I was there. Neither Iraq or the US is REQUIRED to honor any base leases. This kind of thing happens more than is publicized.
  9. GID Associates will give you $940/million. I would say the other major on-line dealers would buy back as well...
  10. There's a serious parallel between this "date guru" and the "rate and date gurus" that we so like to laugh at. Does this guy have some secret intel that says what the rapture date is gonna be? His intel certainly didn't come from the same Bible I read and the one Matlok12 referred to. I sincerely believe that tomorrow he's going to look as ridiculous as the dinar pumpers do on a weekly basis. Wonder what cover story he's gonna cook up then?
  11. Dinarify Me Please! Thanks for all you do, Adam and Staff!
  12. So the Iraqi government is in a corner waiting on permission from the FBI/CIA/whoever else to RV? I think not. If the RV won't happen until all crooks and terrorists are rounded up, then I'm headed over to ebay to unload my dinars. It took almost 10 years just to get the lead'll take a lifetime or more to round 'em all up.
  13. GID is highly recommended, I also found them to be the cheapest. They sell large notes or small at the same prices.
  14. Hi Neo - keep in mind that they have their culture, it's perfectly normal for them to do what they're doing. They don't give a hoot about what we want for their country, they only know what they want. That's why 9-11 happened...they don't want our freedoms or way of life. Please don't think with the American mindset as far as what the Iraqi's should or shouldn't do. They'll progress in whatever way suits them, and in whatever way their opportunities give them. Nothing we say or do will change them. Recent history proves that! I think that everyone who has the chance should visit a foreign country and see different cultures in order to get an appreciation of different ways of living. I spent 21 years in the US Navy, visiting more countries than I care to remember. The biggest impression I have is the vast difference in the way people around this world live. But the main thing's perfectly normal for each group to live as they do. BTW, welcome to DV. You'll laugh, cry, get angry and basically have a grand time here!
  15. [ If you're in a location that stays on Standard time, then 7pm Central Daylight Time will be 7pm Eastern Standard Time. I know that several locations in Indiana stay on Standard time...I don't know if that's true in your case but just wanted to point that out so's you won't miss the chat!
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