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  1. With all the frenzy lately, seems like some folks have forgotten one basic fact in this process. No RV can occur before Iraq is out of Chapter 7. Right or wrong?
  2. The same as this sites disclaimer says more or less, standard stuff
  3. Fummins


    Standard disclaimer, not so different as the one on this site
  4. Fummins


    Its easier to delete apparently
  5. Im impressed, you stand by your convictions. Lets make it $1,000.00 USD and you have yourself a wager.
  6. Quietlearner, care to make a friendly wager on your " DONE by Sept 15" prediction?
  7. Gurus that previously hadnt ended their "messages" with "God Bless" and now do are a dead give away, this helps them to reach a larger audience. I have seen it here many times. Marketing 101.
  8. I am the president of a data processing company that processes mortgage data from every state in the U.S. Its a high stress job but pays the bills with some left over for fun.
  9. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck its a duck. These guys are so obvious its not funny, This whole Dinar world is riddled with lies and deceipt. Those that choose to ignore this will soon be detached from their money. Cant wait for the Feds to start taking some of these "Investment" advisors/associates down. Prison time is humbling. P.T. Barnum had it right.................
  10. Fummins


    Its thats the Forex Pros website, thats a been a common mistake over the years.
  11. Fummins

    BOA stock

    You are kidding here, right?
  12. The sharks are waiting.................
  13. Yes he has, about a year ago or so.
  14. Ya, and hes not predicting dates either. You live by the sword you die by the sword. Any one predicting they know is full of horse shiite.
  16. His posts should have banned long ago IMO. Them being allowed only diminishes the credibility of this site.
  17. Dont forget Saddam had the Dinars rate artificially high.
  18. Okie is a joke, and I would i would relish telling him that face to face.
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