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  1. Nadita, Thank you for your ever diligent effort of new's with a spin Hey did I tell ya that I wrote a book on How to read minds? I guarantee that by the time your finished reading it you will definitely... catch the concept for mind reading ........ Please try not to be to critical when you read it I had a really hard time completing chapter 14 and was kinda stumped, but somehow managed to push right on through to the end
  2. Nadita, Thank you so much for another informative and fun spin Rod, the foundation is in and the block are on the job, let's build it! There's one going up every 10 seconds ... Stick some flowers in the ground for curb appeal and done ... wait a minute the owner came by and wants what? A pool?!? Alright Bone, (foreman) demo the bonus room and we'll get one in... Snow, nothing like a good spin.. but be careful
  3. Nadita, Thanks for catching us up with your one stop news. Now please get some much needed sleep Babe!
  4. Nooo...I didn't forget, the buns are just for carrying purposes...I mean what am I supposed to do, sling it over my shoulder? lol
  5. Nadita, Thanks for another brilliant spin on the news And knowing that its not polite to show up empty handed....
  6. Politics aside for just a moment... Very nice Rayzur! The children are so important no matter what part of the globe
  7. Nadita, I'm a "Happy camper"? Definitly happy! Camper? ...Only at the Hilton baby Thank you for the news and the spin
  8. Yes... Smart like her mom also pretty like her mom Thank you Nadita for all the news!
  9. I'll just throw some essentials in my suitcase and we're outta here... ...and you travel light don't you?? that all???
  10. Thank you for the videos Umbertino There is nothing like local knowledge and advise, I will try and stay there sometime soon to check it out. Would like to repay your kindness with lunch Sailing is one of my things here in Fl. and doing it with the backdrop of those mountains and quaint villages would be amazing. Lake Garda, beautiful indeed...
  11. Nadita, Thank you for all the great news and information Miss you??? Yeah of course...but... Only for the five minutes between texts I'm sending you a return message now ... oops wrong number! ...sorry dude Ahhh.... second home you say, well nothing against Iraq but as you know, i'm a lake shore dweller and would continue that trend possibly with a second home along the shore of Lake Maggiore (Italy) What do you think?
  12. Nadita, Thank you for the spin !...and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ....and then make sure you find just a little you time in there somewhere.... All the best! xoxo
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