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  1. Can we have a "Walk the Plank" contest?......I wonder who we can nominate to be the first.
  2. Im collecting bits and pieces thru various postings and articles but I guess I havent found the one item that tells me exactly what will happen if June 30th comes and goes....then what? I was surpised that the 13303 was extended, i thought the fact that would expire would somehow influence Iraq to get thier act basically there really isnt any reason for Iraq to hustle up and get things done unless they are going to lose something. If I was a country that was raising money by selling my currency and had some assets overseas that I could lose, you bet I would be hustling. What
  3. a sad day when a three letter agency comes to your house and say "You now have a gag order for all of the bs you are spewing"
  4. Protection was postponed until June 30th. so my guess would be then.
  5. Im wondering is this the same fellow that said on an official IMF report, dated March 30th ...." The Iraqi Dinar is Fairly Valued"? juz wondering
  6. Something doesnt sit right........ I know it was a very expensive hotel room and all that........but when the story said he locked her into a bathroom......arent the locks on the Inside? When I always check in to a Motel Six or if I feel like splurging, a Super 8, my locks are on the inside of the bathroom.
  7. Get emergency vehicles for community, pay off debts, and get a tune up for the truck, cabin on Lake of the Ozark
  8. Its the only way I can see that Iraq can become stable while the government pulls together and actually become a progressive entity for the country. If the Iraqi borders can really be secured, the country can really prosper over time and Iran would become an embarassment to the region.
  9. And now we can see a judicial process in action. Lets hope its a Fair Trial. Thank you Sarah for your research and contributions
  10. Youl prolly take some heat but thats ok, best to look at long term. You notice the ones that say its a scam are the ones that didnt want to wait it out. The revalue will happen, just a matter of when and what rate. It can only be a get rich quick scheme if you bought dinar the day before the RV announcement. Important thing is that you are more educated and aware of the events taking place over there towards the rv. You can see first hand the history being made and you can decide for yourself instead of relying on others opinions. Is it gonna make you a million? I dont know, no one does honest
  11. Im thinking that with the assets still being frozen, they NEED to have an RV before they are released. So there just might be a possibility of a late night session to get everything done, i mean really, they can hold off for years but its amazing that they can pull something off just before the buzzer sounds. If the US is out by december as voted by parliment and no progress has been made, worse case possibility the country will go to hell in a handbasket. Im sure the US has a back up plan to prevent this. Granted the country has been in shambles but cmon, they now have more freedoms though t
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