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  1. Thanks Yota for your hard work. I didn't miss spell your call name this time I put a list of call names by my computer that I use the most so I don't miss spell. If I see the word I do better with my typing and I don't miss spell or miss words LOLOL.
  2. Sorry Yoga I don't known why I put Thuggie down but thanks Yoga you both are awesome for hard work you do.❇♥♠✳
  3. Thanks Thug I sure wish I was good at finding these articles like you Thanks again Thug sure are a Sweetie Pie.
  4. The Game keeps going but we are closer then I could ever dream of Thanks Sweetie Pie Thug.
  5. IF anyone deserve credit for went on in Iraq over the years is our Military.
  6. I learn this at work sometime back thanks for the reminder.
  7. God Bless her and her family hope all her dreams come true for her family. GOOD CHOICE!!!!!
  8. I thought I seen it on the news today they were talking about it.
  9. O'Boy it looking real Awesome thanks Tbomb I wondering were Yota he should be in the middle what going on today.
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