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  1. Now we know why obummie put Kerry in that position he has ties so he won't let obummie down or his new family ties down this is really scary folks WOW!!
  2. I have not seen anything on Fox about it but this true would make airlines look more into there people back ground even more this is just sad all away around.
  3. Good I'm sick of high prices of gas.
  4. Why not I'll take it thanks for letting us know.
  5. This makes me feel old half the people on DV don't remember this I wonder how many these artist are pass away I see a few this is one of my favorite songs.
  6. Thanks gregp any kind banking news is good.
  7. Tiars brother is just being positive like every other person on DV is.
  8. A Remittance means to Transfer of money by a foreign workers it doesn't mean a RV but there nothing wrong in being hopeful but it is major start LOLOLO Thanks Yota your AWESOME !!!
  9. To bad you don't have picture of it.Thanks!
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