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  1. Sad that children have to be a byproduct of derranged terrorists who kill over religion. It's unfortunate the kid didn't know a better way of life but things will never change until their parents change their views. From the looks of it, that may never happen or at least no time soon.
  2. Nothing offended me, besides, too many people have become too soft and "sensitive" to just about everything. Those people could use some thicker skin and quit crying so much.
  3. It's there, here it is translated
  4. Would be a nice turn of events to make it look like a mistake... Instead poison the water, food and the bullets explode instead of firing when shot
  5. I agree, YOTA did an AWESOME job with the updates!!!!! Most exciting event I have seen in awhile with IRAQ. Now, let them get to work and take Iraq to the next level!
  6. Hows does "Vice President Floor- Nuri al-Maliki." and vote of "CONFIDENCE" even go together? He doesn't deserve a political position in Iraq.
  7. lol, that sums it up for a lot of wackos out there
  8. Makes me think of a quote I heard in The Matrix. "What do all men with money and power want?" ... "More money and more power"
  9. Seems like holding off on arming them gives the US a chance to have deeper military ties/dependency in Iraq. Iraq needs help, US will take full advantage of this now that Iraq is on record asking for intervention.
  10. It's not a matter if he wants to stay or go, the point was he does not deserve to be able to be a part of the government in any shape or form.
  11. "He also tweeted that Maliki would have a continuing role in Iraq’s government." -------------- He doesn't deserve it...
  12. Glad to see the President is in this for everyone and not manipulated by any deals Maliki could had offered him.
  13. Announce it "soon"... This will take a good minute or two ------------------------------ On a serious note, I don't see it being too long.
  14. It's either drink the poison or probably take a bullet or car bomb instead. Get the hint dictator.... your NOT wanted!
  15. I emailed them a week ago but never heard back. I will check my spam folder and email them again.
  16. I would like to invest in Zain but not at the starting rate of $10,000 as a popular one mentioned here quoted me. Thanks!
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