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  1. Ok, thanks for the info, I saw the flurry of comments about the article. Wasn't sure if it was people reactions to prevent their dreams from being crushed. In some form we all have our own self defense mechanism to prevent terrible news. Excellent, glad to see you have personal confirmation with someone you know. Now it's our turn! Too bad I just found out Sunday... I am trying to get as much as I can before it does happen if this is truly the countdown. If it doesntt, I hope it will still be valid if it happens a year from now, etc... It would be shady if they changed their currency again.
  2. Very recent article. I know those with dreams(as I too have) will want to say things to discredit a WELL KNOWN figure just to make themselves feel better about their hopes and dreams. Again, I have them too, but is there any chance at all we will not benefit from an RV? It goes on to continue to say that no one really benefited from Kuwait when it happened to them.
  3. That is a link I saw in a post by Adam. It shows version 1.5, will it be version 1.6 if I buy it? Thanks!
  4. I know we have all been at a point that things seem great and a sure fire deal. What concerns me is the pumping posted by so many people. What do they have to gain, etc...? Could it be that it is part of a plan that Iraq has set in place to turn a profit from those who invest. We see it all the time, elaborate claims and each of them promise millions in return. I understand that the RV will happen one day. How do we know that before it does or even days after that they do not drop the 10K or 25K denominations from their currency? They are aware of the upwards of 200 million Dinar being sold daily. Iraq would take a large hit from everyone cashing in, so why might they find a way to prevent it... Could the ones pumping this actually be from Iraq trolling the message boards and posting false claims all this time to generate revenue for Iraq? Of course you will have the expected fools that just want to run their mouth and cause turmoil. This is more about the pumping and why. Can anyone help clear up my concerns on dropping the 10K or 25K denomination?
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