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  1. I have been hearing contracts need paid in RV money for several months now. Sure are some generous workers donating their time. The must have their version of "Extreme Home Makeover" but for businesses over there. I will be watching for the first episode!
  2. Any speculation on what the new rate range may end up being? I am sure it is just like the Dinar speculation but I am not as well read up on dong as dinar. I thought I saw .01 - .03, not sure. Are there any dong experts in the house? What about ordering it from Looks like a good rate on their site. Total for 4,000,000 after shipping is around $253 - $258. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No less than 5 mil was my goal, I just hope it is not a low ball rate if this is such a unique opportunity. Not being greedy, just want to make it count the best I can. I just hope for $1.00+ and of course we all can dream and hope for the $3.00+ range!
  3. Assuming someone already has 3 mil Dinar, what would you do with an extra $250 to invest? 1. Take a reserve out on dinar 2. Buy what you can with dinar for $250 3. Buy 4,000,000 VND? Diversity might be the way for someone to go, wondering what you all think.
  4. a "Just Saying" comment Funny that debtarheelgirl always has to praise God, etc.... over and over and over in her posts........ If she was that religious she would capitalize God like she does for every other name in her posts. Its obvious that she uses it as a cover to try and gain trust... Not once has she capitalized God that I have seen.
  5. I thought you were super excited and wanted to make sure we all noticed it! BTW, can you post that one more time for me?
  6. Hopefully others will read this thread and not make the mistake of paying outrageous prices for lower denoms.
  7. The only argument I have ever heard is shipping cost!!! Ok, yea....riiiiiiight, it takes a couple thousand extra to import 2000 bills.
  8. Exactly, it does not seem worth it. So far there has not been a solid response to backup the cost vs quantify of the larger denoms. I was wondering who would be the first to catch/say anything about DEMONS, lol. I saw it after I posted
  9. Absolutely I thought it affected everything, I am not 100% sure. It does not make sense to me that they would not be affected in some shape or form. Being penalized for having your bills in higher denoms would be stealing imo from their people.
  10. Even if it were to avoid the $9,999.99 tax reporting you would have a HUGE task trying to accomplish that. If you take 1,000,000 divided by 500 is 2,000 separate dinar bills. Depending on what the RV occurs at you would have to have to make plenty of trips to the bank. You may even need others to cash it in for you too keep you from reaching your limit. I don't doubt for a sec that BB isn't watching. I am here for educational reasons.
  11. Same here, but since there is so much talk about lower denoms I would like to see what others may know about it.
  12. I would like to get some views on what makes the 500 denoms priced at $3,750 per million a smart purchase vs 3 million of 25K or 10K denoms for $3,540? An RV at any amount for the 25K or 10K would trump a costly 500 demon investment. Note: Any rate can apply, just needed to give an example. Even if one were to say that it will eventually go to $3+ in the future and you can hold onto the lower demons longer than the higher demons they are still losing out. Even a 1:1 would be $3,000,000 vs $1,000,000. The ability to hold the lower demons until it reaches $3+ dollars is a waste of time if it will end up being about equal months/years down the road. Unless this is fear on a super low rate like .10 or .30 cents in the beginning with a limited cash in window on the higher denoms. Any insight on this?
  13. Can't we all just get along?
  14. Lol, I actually had a friend try to get me to sell my car when he first told me about Dinar when I first started investing. I didn't think I would end up with the funds but was able to and his advice was to sell my car because it was going to happen ANY DAY!!! lol No way was I going to make a move like that, glad I didn't or I would have a VIP bus card or exhausted several new pairs of shoes by now!
  15. No it's not spyware... Companies use tracking(not as harmful as it sounds) cookies to display ads on similar networks of advertisers. If you block cookies you also disable nearly every single site you have to login to.
  16. Curious.... Are you the same D Cupp that is in AutoXTen?
  17. Wow, the pics just keep on surfacing on Oakster!
  18. Not an image to see before going to bed! LOL
  19. Now wait a minute... "1. No country has ever revalued there currency by over 100% without..." Correct me if I am wrong but hasn't the Dinar increased in value by over 100% already? Trying to recall from memory but I think it has increased around 176% in value in the past several years. If that's the case, has it not already RV past the 100% mark?
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