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  1. They would have to have a clue about what they intend to do before that meeting. This would take careful planning and has been years in the making. Inflation would be estimated with as much data as they have for the upcoming months. I don't see them being able to switch decisions from a RV to a RD/LOP in a short amount of time.
  2. What gets me is when Shabibi was asked in a round about way does he intend to RV and he stalls with a big "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh." If the articles are solid indicators as so many claim then why wouldn't Shabs say "We intend to RD" vs stumbling like he did. That was a prime opportunity to keep up with the posted news articles of a RD/LOP if that were his intentions. Instead he left it as something he could not discuss. It makes it seem as if he did not want to lie. Again, he could had easily said RD/LOP if that's what is in the works. There would be no reason not to admit a RD/LOP.
  3. Just started looking into ISX, looks like I have some reading to do. In the meantime if anyone has discovered a gem to invest in, what would you suggest?
  4. I have a magic number I would like to reach but not sure about investing more to reach it. I am on the fence right now and will wait to see the news for the next 2-3 weeks before making a decision.
  5. Verify what? You didn't ask anything.
  6. It's safe to say his vehicle is flipped upside down! His wheels have not touch the ground in years and when they were he was drunk, driving in reverse and blindfolded!!!
  7. Ghost is just one of Okie's many personalities. Plenty to go around for everyone!
  8. Technology upgrades are always good. I'm not screaming RV but I think this is a positive step to get the bank to be modern with it's processing, etc...
  9. Is this kinda like one of those "It's so easy a caveman can do it." moments? Not sure since I don't "get it" :lol:
  10. I think they are doing some house cleaning. It would make sense to snuff out as many terrorists as they can to help them prosper and not cash in on an RV.
  11. Hey DinarThug! Yea, it was one of the sloppiest kisses yet! Silly sharks always gotta be putting moves on me.
  12. I can't help but to wonder if they guy he told to "QUIT his job" on one of the chats posted here actually quit his job... If so he needs a good smack against the head, esp if he is supporting a family! Second, if he did then Okie needs to send him a nice check from all of the pumping funds he receives for such a bold moronic statement considering his track record. Even if there was an RV announcement today, I would not quit my job until I had the funds in the bank!
  13. Clearly he is stalling and shines more and more like a dictator but trying to play along but not very well.
  14. Just dont get them wet and the banks will never know! Kidding!
  15. It's like the old saying "You won't miss it until it's gone".
  16. VIP was suppose to get an email, I have not seen it yet.
  17. Here is a tid bit of info for everyone. I run many domains and use them to host a client. When an account is suspended you see the message within minutes of it happening. You don't go days with a suspended without that error message be visible unless this is a hosting company that runs things differently, who knows!
  18. So much news on this today! Odd since we expected misleading articles towards the end.. Someone is pushing someones buttons somewhere!
  19. Yea, I think it is this guy. His name is "Sheamus the Irish Warrior"
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