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  1. Remember 2 years ago when Tony mr Hot dog eater claimed he was outside the bank waiting to cash in as ones in Dubai was cashing in now? I was in Dubai then, went to Emrates bank and many money exchangers , reported my findings on here also. Seems nothing has changed here, some new pumper names, but the same stories and tall tales. One day maybe, but never from these ones.
  2. I remember about 1 year ago,these same deadbeats were claiming they were cashing in at Dubai. I jumped on the hog weather was so hot it burnt my fingertips riding the bike, Went to Emirates bank and some of the local money exchangers and it was all a bold face lie. Thats what makes this look like a scam as these pumpers spouting B/S all the time. How many years has the okie ones PTR johnny wad etc been doing this? Hope we all make good on it some day,,but these pumpers are useless when it comes to anything. More fruits and flakes there than in a bowl of cereal.
  3. After I finished working in dubai I sold quite a bit as I did go overboard in buying this, not on breaking finances just more than i needed. Stayed away from this and many other sites for quite some time until recently until i read fox news about this being a not so good investment. Included link here. Came back to these sites and seen the same old song and dance being said. Rv monday etc. I do hang onto a bit in case it does RV, as they advertise in USA today news paper from time to time. So
  4. DMV investigating how 957 dead voters cast ballots in 2010 Posted: Jan 12, 2012 5:44 PM EST Updated: Jan 12, 2012 5:44 PM EST By Jody Barr - email POLITICS More>> DMV investigating how 957 dead voters cast ballots in 2010 Romney rolls into SC _ GOP nomination in sight? The 2012 Election 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Learn more about the 2012 GOP candidates for president. Complete WIS 2012 SC Presidential Primary coverage COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's the one right all Americans hold dear:
  5. I past there around 3 times per week, checked every time.
  6. I really don't want to burst bubbles or cause false hope here. He is correct with the money exchanger in dubai terminal 2 posting this exchange rate on the boards. And he is also correct as you walk out of terminal 2 as the last money exchanger on the right side,,(none on the left) that has this listed on the screen or board. There is a Filipina money exchanger working inside usually. This is nothing new. If you go back and look I posted this a long time back. I cashed in 2 million dinar there before I departed Dubai last August. This board has shown this for nearly 2 years,,nothing ne
  7. actually it was reported on the news , I read it on fox news, another one not listed here was the student suspended for complementing his teacher saying she was cute. Right is becoming wrong here and wrong is becoming right. I really dont like the ACLU but think we may soon need them.
  8. I heard him on the radio on Friday, suggesting he was like George Washington etc. Screaming like a lunatic. We have a lot wrong here in the USA,,but this guy shows with all the screaming and shouting was like a boarder line crack addict. He was promoting his new book. Was a lot better on fox news before he added all the childish drama and loss of credibility. For him to comment on this investment is worse than the Freeway bill, Okie, tony the hot dog eater at PTR etc. When he was at Fox news he started to be like a historian or someone like a constitutionalists,he had some credibility th
  9. Really hope you are correct farmers daughter for us anyway. On a down side,though what if every iraqi had two 25 thousand IQD notes and what they posted is true. That would mean every Iraqi would have the equivalent of 50,000 usd, where before it was worth only about 42 USD. Could you imagine the inflation rates there with all this money and not much to buy with it. A car that cost 10,000 usd would become an instant shortage due to supply and demand. An apartment that cost 35.000 USD would now be sold at triple or more its price. Due to the shortage,,everyone would have money and not eno
  10. I always was told truck drivers kept 2 log books,, kind of the same as flight crew having 2 passports . Has something changed?
  11. Kind of a slap in the face for all Americans and what the founding fathers really wanted to prevent. Big government,,freedom of religion etc. I have been abroad for a few years ,,my return to the USA has really shocked me, not the same place like before. Where does the government come up with this madness,,this is the USA we are a Christian Nation founded on christian values. I was in Jakarta Indonesia about 5 years ago during Christmas,,now thats the biggest Muslim country in the world. All the malls were decorated with lights and trees. So why here in the USA do we think that we have t
  12. Sold it a few days ago.for close to what I paid for it in Dubai. Better to buy like this instead of the pumper sites. Prices they are charging for this now from these so called Used car sales/Dinar dealers in the USA you could almost buy a ticket to Dubai and get for your self. Seen 2 weeks ago another half page ad in USA Today newspaper,,they must be making millions as these ad cost have to be extreme. If this does not RV by the first of the new year will be selling the rest of it. Sorry should have posted here once it was sold.
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