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  1. ok, so this guy like hears voices in his head and what... you think any of it is possable? im questioning todos mental stability.. even though it is a nice fairy tale to beleve.
  2. you know that was one of the only long posts that i achuly was intrested in enuf to read the whole thing.. =] trippy theory...
  3. dont you wish you could just call work and tell them "sorry i have to call in rich today i cant come to work... bye" hahaha =] dare to dream...
  4. when i start a topic on this website, its is to bring to everyones attention, something that is flooting on the internet, and secondly the reason i even waste my time by posting the info that i find is to get everyones feedback and sometimes intelligent input,.. some people like to take what they read on these -RUMER- boards as fact and gett there panties in a bunch.. some people think that beacuse i post something in rumers that i belive it or that it is from my own personal expirence.. its Not and i dont belive all the rumers i read just cus there there,... my post was about shareing info... shareing info and ideas that you your self could have found the original link to via google... im not trying to trick anyone or make them belive in "straight BS" as you like to put it Bro... and to all whome think it is nessary to discredit me beacuse i share info and rumers found on other websites, well F*** you.. learn how to read. have a awesome day! GO RV!!!!
  5. belive me?lol i was just bringing to every ones attion that this was flooting around the internet....and if your dident read the last sentance in my post it asks if any one found the link with the achual video....
  6. yeah i dont know id like to belive it but i did find this on another site... and i did not find a link for a video to support the rumer yet..
  7. April 16th, 2011 07:58 pm · Tony from PTR 4-16-11 « on: Today at 07:54:08 PM »Quote JUST IN FROM THE FORUM… ON RV… FROM TONY…..Posted Today, 03:33 PM YES, YES AND YES. All of my calls this morning have confirmed that it was announced and placed on TV. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! From PTR intel update 4-16-11 « on: Today at 08:04:50 PM »Quote Ok anyone that has seen my posts here knows I am usually a little confused and asking others why it has not happened yet. The reason I was always down is because I have a few friends over there and try always told me it was not in the near future but everyone here seems to think it was happening every Monday for 6 months. Well… Those same friends on the ground in Iraq changed their tune real quick about 30 minuets ago.They said that they finally pushed the RV button around 8:30PM Iraq time today! I guess it Could show up on our side when everything opens up? Don’t know too much about the technical stuff but they say no doubt it is OVER and DONE!!! I am soooooo excited!!! P.S. But we must wait and see!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [can any one find a link for the video?? ive been looking for it if it was really on TV, it should be on the internet somewhere right?]
  8. CHEERS!!!!! i will have extra salt=] go RV!!
  9. thank you so much for all of your post's nointel. and i think that this time you are right. [wink]
  10. thanks mamarabit.. great post
  11. wow . you know lol i could see that happening in like a italian mafia movie.. if it raises to .10c then im gonna hold out to cash my big notes... thanks for the post. i hope you wife gets better. good luck with that.
  12. i think that there is some truth to most rumors... but others are made up.. i think that everything that is happing politicly right now kinda makes sence for the current rumors to be true,...i personaly think that the RV is going to happen very soon,..
  13. who ever made this **** up is really trying to come at obama at all angles huh?? saying obama is not a amarican,, saying obama is ***, saying obama was a *****... saying obama had a gnarly drug problum,.. wtf dude? he would have never become president if any of that stuff was based on fact.. i live in hawaii i saw obama once when he was on vacation.. he seemed like a normal american dude...=]
  14. please let it happen.[crossing my fingers]
  15. i have also hurd 6.18 and as high up as 9.12
  16. Aviana

    RV o-meter?

    he just told us "it was done." and we would see it with in like 24-48 could still happen tomarrow at the latest if he is right... he dident really tell us much just that were gonna be all right and to not stress over it online researching ... trying to see if there is any thing to back what he told us...? idk its all so confuseing... everyone at my house is very excited about it.. but i have yet to see hard evidence....
  17. [http://another] i hope link works, found on the .currency .news. hound....
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