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  1. I don’t know you tell me! Anything have heard saying that those were the last vacant seats could change tomorrow when they say “oops, we have a few more seats that need to be filled.” It’s a never ending Iraq twisted government tactic to not give you or their people ALL of the information. They tell you what they want to tell you. Never means it’s truth. Been here since 2009. Never believe what you read. Garbage.
  2. Did you miss this part? “ Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb Makhif has denied talk of fixing the exchange rate for years.
  3. I sent you an email asking cancel my account. You can disregard that email. I thought you shut the site down and left!!! 😂 Glad the site is back @Adam Montana!!
  4. More right before the New Year hopium!!I love it but at the same time hate it!!!! 😭
  5. Haven’t got on the site for a while. Looks like I didn’t miss much. Same ole crap! 🤦🏻
  6. Not getting excited. Been excited to many times throughout the years. I’ll do a shot to it later, but can’t get excited.
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