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  1. HI Adam! I almost never post. However, I just read the transcript of President Trump's press conference last Sunday announcing the death of al-Baghdadi. the transcript also included the press Q & A about the mission. In about the middle of the questions, Trump mentions Lindsey Graham in his answer. At the end of that particular answer, he mentions a bill that Lindsey Graham had (it did not pass by 1 vote) that "could have" paid back the US for the money that we have spent. He mentioned 1 trillion dollars. Can you take a look at that question and answer and comment? Thank You! Here is the link to the transcript:
  2. HI Adam! Do you have a comment on the news article posted by Yota "CBI News 6/10/19" concerning the preparation of electronic payments from Visa, Mastercard etc... ? Thank You!
  3. I rarely post but, I find it interesting that they have this IPO offering starting on July 7. I spent 20 years in NASDAQ market making and retired from that industry about 10 years ago. I understand that it is computerized, but an IPO is still a very labor intensive event. Interesting that they would schedule it just day before Ramadon starts.
  4. RIP SWFG I so enjoyed all of your posts. Thank You!
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