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  1. The wonderful government is holding a couple trillion dinar so why do they have to continue to drain us?Maybe we could get lucky and get the flat 15% .
  2. The people of that city need to jail the city counsel to teach them what freedom of speech is about,but this does fit in with the way our law system has evolved ,constantly comming out with new so called LAWS to do nothing more than steal money from the general public with the threat of incarceration.
  3. This would not be happenning if the GOI would stop dragging this out !!!!!!!!!
  4. Our government is waiting for him to grow and gain more power and kill more of our troops so they can spend billions of our tax dollars just to go slap his hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Absolutely not true with any Chase bank in Texas so I call BS!!!
  6. HA! HA! Adams old post resembles OKIES every day post!!!!!!!!!!
  7. My 2 cents is that we have been brainwashed by the pumpers.I don't believe our government would be taking things as far as they have if they k new the dinar was going to rv and they were holding alot of it.It seems logical that iraq will rv in the next few months unless they have a civil war but you really can't believe anything you hear from iraq.Maybe it is time for the old dinar to go into a drawer and go back to work!!!
  8. THIS IS TOTAL BS,JUST MORE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. IRAN has the SADRIST MOVEMENT in their pocket and doing the dirty work for them.
  10. OKIE could easily be removed from the DV site along with all the other sites liers if people on DV would simply stop transfering them here.If you have a need to read untrue crap go to their sites and read them but leave them their.Enough is enough!!!
  11. This will continue until SADR is taken out and the MADHI ARMY dismantled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Just more lies and pumping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think I have gotten the point of realizing that all these DINAR sites are 90% lies,5%advertising from dinar dealers ,4% real and honest people with dreams,and 1% true information about the risky investment of the DINAR.
  14. Yes the 50 dinar is smaller.This is just another of the problems why they need to make new money so it will work in the ATM machines.There is an article from iraq that talks about this .
  15. The thing that makes me leary of this whole thing is the fact that anyone can still buy as much uncirculated 25k notes as they can afford,so are they still printing them just to con us out of our dollars.The only hype for the rv comes from these few internet sites that the pumpers constantly bombard with their lies.Sure it seems logical that they would rv but maybe they are making a fortune without it.I'm vested in dinar and pray for it everyday as i'm to the desperate point believing this would happen before now but something just doesn't seem right.
  16. I don't think they would be putting out that many DINAR if it was going to rv anytime soon.
  17. There is no need for OBAMA or anything associated with MUSLIM in AMERICA.Be best if they go back to their backwards middle east countries if they continue to be anti american and disgrace our belief in GOD!!!!!!!
  18. OBAMA IS AN MUSLIM SUPPORTER AND ANTICHRIST,he is ruining AMERICA.This is probably something he would support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. We don't need to move out and let our 4600 soldiers lives and americans money go to complete waste,we need to move back in and kick their corrupt and nonappreciative arsses until they understand the chance at a real country has been given to them by america!
  20. The whole idea of going to war with another country and taking it over and helping to create a corrupt government and have that government say we owe them money is total stupidity and very insulting ,not that our antichrist OBAMA cares as long as his muslim friends get what they want.IN WAR "TO THE WINNER GOES THE SPOILS" not the damn debt.It's time someone in our expensive government stands up and shuts these bastards up,takes the oil we have bargained for ,fix the US economy and go on with our lives.I wonder how much money our dumbass government gave VIETNAM?OBAMA IS DISTROYING AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. If we buy IRAQ then we should damn well OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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