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  1. 12-5-2011 GuruTonyTNT Received over 5 confirmations in the last hour that CHAPTER 7 HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY LIFTED! Announcement should be made at UN in the morning...How can this be without an RV?....IT CAN"T!

    What do guys think? GO RV................................................

    TONY can not be trusted at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can not believe that our government is so corrupt and sick as to even consider the mosque situation with the terroristic MUSLIMS.The mayor of NEW YORK is a muslim sympathiser and should be expelled from AMERICA along with every damn MUSLIM in our country.The mayor has openly stated that CHRISTIAN PRAYER will not be part of the agenda to recognize 9/11 .I believe that when attrocities of this nature are allowed to go unchecked that the AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD CONSIDER "CIVIL UNREST" TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION.

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  3. If IRAQ has 30 trillion dinar and they RV even at a 1 dinar to 1 us dollar ,that would be 30 TRILLION DOLLARS.Then consider all the dinar being held by investors !!! TRUMP alone was reported to have 30 million dollars worth of dinar. MY QUESTION IS,is it really possible to create this much money with the flip of a switch????? What if it rv'd at 3 to 1us ,that's a lot of TRILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I believe it is irresponsible of the DINAR VETS site to allow OKIE and his followers to continue posting their lies and propoganda on this site.I understand freedom of opinions and sharing of information as related to the dinar but what they are doing is blatant abuse of freedoms over and over again.I think there are alot of good people on this site that would wish for ADAM to consider this request of not allowing this to continue.

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  5. An American or one of them. And acording to you thats all the choices I have. hahahahahahah get real dude I have lots of choices cause I am a american.

    Exactly,muslims don't believe in the choices you have as an american.

  6. Thanks for the laugh of the on to more important items like when this thing is going to RV. Stop spreading this meaningless stuff. Who cares if the guy is Muslim, Asian, native american, etc. Who gives a flip, really.

    AMERICANS DO GIVE A "FLIP" ABOUT THIS!!! Are you AMERICAN or one of them???

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  7. Typical OBAMA,TRYING TO FURNISH ARMS TO OUR ENEMIES SO THEY CAN USE THEM AGAINST US LATER ON.I believe there will be another uprising in IRAQ due to the fact that al-sadr is allowed to mantain the sadrist army with the support of IRAN.MALIKI and AL-SADR are buddies.Look for AL-SADR to try and gain more power after the evaluation of the 100 days.There could be lots of reasons MALIKI has disrupted the completion of the GOI the way he has.These people are by their nature POWER HUNGRY and WAR MONGERS,NOT likely to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Called TD Bank in Qweens, NY to inquire on purchasing dinars. The foreign currency representative said and I quote: "We are no longer selling Iraqi dinars due to the extremely high volume of request". Sounds a little bogus to me...

    Info: TD Bank

    5650 Main Street‎ NY‎ 11355-5046

    United States

    (718) 888-0129


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