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  1. There will be one rate for the dinar post revalue. No matter if you own 50 or 50,000,000 IQD, each dinar will have the same value. There is speculation that some folks are working out a special spread (cost of exchanging dinar to the bank) for their groups, but no one is willing to reveal these special rates at this time. The old adage "beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing" comes to mind.
  2. I don't mean to burst any bubbles, but, the key words are "purchasing power". If that link above takes you to the original article, please copy and paste the article here. On the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency "I think that this may have been in Turkey and will not have any effect, either positive or negative.", (No effect either positive or negative means value neutral, ie re-denomination) Adding: "But if what has been implemented correctly and I mean here properly is to keep the same purchasing power of the currency after deletion of zeros if there was a thousand dinars, and after deletion of zeros has become a must for this dinars (1) dinar to have the same purchasing power of one thousand dinars. " Read more:
  3. I cannot supply you with the contact info, however, I can confirm that all of the IQD I purchased from my bank came from the Federal Reserve. My banker confirmed this for me. The IQD was a dirty little secret that the masses weren't suppose to know about. It seems that this speculative investment snowballed in popularity and the Federal Reserves reserves were purchased by investors. That is why the banks stopped selling dinar. It was a simple case of supply and demand. Demand depleted the supply.
  4. The glaring similarities between the Iraqi Government and the US Government would be comical if they weren't so tragic. The fact that they need to sit at the negotiating table and resolve the outstanding problems of implementing Erbil, after they already agreed on the terms of Erbil is preposterous. One step forward and two steps back. Maliki and his cronies are diligently stalling the progression of Iraq in hopes of civil unrest and an end to democracy.
  5. Who da thunk? 400 posts on this thread? and Lincoln outed too? Thanks Randalln
  6. rewamoed? What the heck is rewamoed? [dinartrade] My fee will be $150 / million IQD you exchange we will be anouncing a rewamoed exchange procedure in the near future we will buy it back at the CBI buy rate
  7. The portion of chapter 7 sanctions dealing with arms was lifted just prior to our troops pulling out. The only remaining sanctions are those that deal with Kuwait borders, artifacts, lost citizens bodies, Port Mubarak, and restitution for damages that occurred during the occupation.
  8. And this would be your opinion. Thanks for weighing in with yours. Speculation is nothing more then opinion and this did not come from on high.
  9. You sold out and yet here you are wasting your time following an investment that you no longer hold or believe in. Interesting. Very, very, very unlikely, but interesting.
  10. real real soon is much sooner then real soon and much much sooner then soon and not quite as soon as real real real soon which is much much much sooner then soon. Hope that clears up the whole real real soon thing.
  11. Note to cgbrown....thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.
  12. What up Adam? Crazy ride for sure. Let's Assume. Let's assume that you are a single man. Let's assume that you have been blessed in life. Let's assume your 2 grown children are out on their own and successful. Let's assume your home and vehicles are paid for. Let's assume that you are financially secure. I know that's a lot of assumptions, but let's go further. Let's assume that you walk into a casino with a thousand dollars and win a one million dollar jackpot. Let's assume that after taxes you walk with $680,000. Now, here's the question. How much of the $680,000 do you use to purchase more dinar? and why? Depending on your response to that question, if there is any left, where and on what do you invest the remaining amount? and why?
  13. Those of you that scoff at the idea that Ali has a bank in Iraq had better hope that Iraq doesn't re-denominate and close the borders as they did in the past. If this happens, the dinar you hold outside of the borders will become worthless. Ali and his bank may become your only hope of receiving a return on your investment. Ali has stated that he will be cashing out at the CBI rate with a $150 transaction fee per million. Good luck finding a bank that will meet that spread. Just something to ponder the next time you decide to bash Ali.
  14. Actually, dedollarize is not a word. However, if Iraq decides to remove the dollar from the Iraqi economy, they would do it by passing a law of legal tender. The law would require all purchases and debt settlement be made with the Iraqi Dinar. The US Dollar would no longer be legal tender in Iraq. If you think this impossible, then run down to the corner store and try purchasing a gallon of milk with Pecos, Franks, Lira or any other foreign currency. You can't. Here in the US, legal tender is the US Federal Reserve Notes and coins. We are not allowed to purchase or settle debts with anything else.
  15. Perhaps they just needed to step away for a bit. I find myself stepping away more often now to keep my sanity. Not like staying on here 24/7 will make it happen any faster.
  16. Think it's something like Bond Ladies Corner or something. I've never been there, but agree with you, would like to know her thoughts on where we stand. She had a no nonsense way of breaking down the Iraqi gibberish articles.
  17. Iraqi legislature calls on US to use its position in Security Council to exclude Iraq from UN Article 7 BAGHDAD / An Iraqi Legislature has called Monday on the US Administration to play its role in the UN Security Council and the United Nations, to exclude Iraq from the UN Charter’s Article 7, imposing economic sancations against the country. ”It is the duty of the United States of America towards Iraq to strive seriously on the International level to exclude Iraq from the sanctions imposed by the UN Charter’s Article 7 and to cancel the UN Security Council’s Resolution 833 of 1993, that is not valid anymore against Iraq,” the Legislature of the White al-Iraqiya Bloc in the Iraqi Parliament, Aliya Nuseif said in a statement, copy of which was received by news agency. ”America is able to exploit its strong position in the Security Council and the United Nations to help Iraq in this respect, along with its call on France and Britain to link this issue with their investments in Iraq,” Nuseif said, adding that “it is the duty of the Iraqi government as well, to use its legislative and executive powers to mobilize the International Community to achieve this goal, especially that those States are linked by economic interests with Iraq, that it could gain their support in this purpose.” SKH (TP)/SR308 I had to lol at this one. It's our duty? Really? Kuwait insisting on keeping Iraq under economic sanctions – legistlature BAGHDAD / The Legislature of the so-called “White Iraqiya” bloc in the Parliament has charged Kuwait on Saturday, with “insisting to keep Iraq under UN Charter’s Article 7, imposing economic sanctions against her country, under justification of he existence of lost Kuwaitis in Iraq. “It is regretful to see the UN Security Council, repeating its advice for Iraq to normalize its relations with Kuwait, especially in the field of searching for Kuwaitis lost in Iraq since 1990.The Security Council and the world know that no lost Kuwaitis or even remains of Kuwaitis exist in Iraq, especially after several visits by international committees, who confirmed the inaccuracy of the Kuwaiti claims,” Nuseif said in a statement on Saturday. “Kuwait insisted on keeping Iraq under the said UN Charter’s Article 7 and continued creating justifications to prevent Iraq’s exclusion from this article.We don’t know what kind of normalization the Security Council is talking about,” she commented. “What development of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations would encourage Kuwait to stop its policy of animosity towards Iraq in all fields,” she asked. Iraq is under UN Charter’s Article 7, imposed on it after the entrance of its forces into Kuwait in 1990, allowing the use of power against Iraq, under charges that it “threatens the International security,” along with freezing huge amounts of its funds in the world banks, to pay compensations for those who were harmed by its invasion of Kuwait. SKH (TI)/SR 671
  18. Suhail, Christian discuss helping Iraq out of UN Chapter VII BAGHDAD / Deputy parliament speaker Qusay al-Suhail discussed with the German ambassador Carl George Christian bilateral relations and means of helping Iraq to be out of the domain of the UN Chapter VII terms, as reported in a statement issued here today. The statement, as received by, added that “ambassador Christian pointed out that Iraq has become a center for investments, and the German companies can work on that in all fields”. Bilateral relations were also discussed, as the statement confirmed. Suhail called for helping Iraq to be out of the domain of the UN Chapter VII terms. Iraq is under the Chapter VII terms since 1990 following Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August the same year, where this UN Security Council decision permitted using armed force to expel Iraq from Kuwait. RM (TI)/SR 947
  19. Australia working on bringing Iraq out of Chapter VII, says ambassador Iraq and UN flags. KARBALA / Australia is working with the international community to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of the UN Charter but it will be committed to whatever is globally decided, said the Australian ambassador to Iraq on Monday.It is very important for Australia that Iraq should rise and return to its earlier position and international standing because this will help stabilize the region, said Lyndall Sachs during a meeting with reporters from the Iraqi mass media during her visit to Karbala.Sachs added that she discussed with local officials in Karbala chances of a twinship agreement with an Australian city, noting Karbala is exploring agricultural investment opportunities and Australia boasts immense capabilities in this field.
  20. Iraq must get out of Chapter VII BAGHDAD / The Iraqi Parliamentary Foreign Relations Commission today called the international community to play greater role in removing Iraq from UN Security Council’s Chapter VII and adopting a clear stand to support its legitimate issues, according to a statement. The statement added that the Commission today received a delegation from the British Embassy in Baghdad. During the meeting, the Commission called upon Britain to play a role in assisting Iraq get out of Chapter VII in order to have its pioneering role in the Arab world and the region. Iraq is subject to Chapter VII of UN Charter following its invasion of Kuwait in 1990, where force was used against it as it was “threatening world peace.” This led to freezing Iraqi assets in world banks to pay compensations to Kuwait and others. On the other hand, the statement added that the Commission along with a delegation from the International Energy Agency discussed the oil situation in Iraq and its legislations in order to have a complete study on oil in Iraq. It is expected that the details of such visit will be published in Agency’s annual report on world energy estimations of 2012 next October. RM (TI)/SR 2492
  21. By resolution they have restored Iraq’s full sovereignty over its money abroad. However, they unanimously voted to extend arrangements for depositing the proceeds into the DFI. They are going to review all resolutions pertaining to Iraq from 1990. Chapter 7 is NOT lifted folks. We will have to wait for the results of the review.
  22. FYI - They have both a serial number and print date on each bill.
  23. Americans need to get pissed off? Hmmm....I wonder if Americans will get pissed off when the USD (Federal Reserve Note) is re-denominated and the new USD (US Treasury Note) is issued? I wonder if Americans will be pissed off when they are required to turn in 1 $10.00 bill Federal Reserve Note and receive back 4 $1.00 US Treasury Notes? Think it can't happen? Think again.
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